SAC Committees 2014





2014 Committees:


Executive Committee:


Tami Springer, Chairperson; Amanda Huerta, Vice-chairperson; Jan Solkey, Secretary


By-laws-Tami Springer and Amanda Huerta


Benefits Committee- Robin Karkiewicz (two-year term)


Parking Appeals- Tricia Dalenberg


Promotions Committee- Bobbi McMahon, and Evelyn Mitchell


Elections- Amanda Huerta and Jan Solkey


Webmaster- Amanda Huerta & backup person, Tamara Springer 


ECDC- Kim Miller and Michael Mueller


Compassion Fund- Kathy Troth


Parking Appeals - Tricia Dalenberg


              Eddy Street Commons Special Committee - Roberta McMahon


              Healthcare Strategy Working Group Committee - Tamara Springer



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