May 2009

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

LaFortune Student Center



Present:          Sandy Sarber, Patricia Smith, Roxie Litteral, Char-anna Koblick, Joe Wheeler, Kathy Troth, Barb Wadley, Bill Peck, Jody Klontz, Marie Revak, Sharon Konopka, Mo Marnocha, Laura Gerber, Victoria Chidister, Tami Springer, Fred Sonneborn.


Excused:          Penny McIntire, Diana Singleton, Kathy Stopczynski

Unexcused:     John Mackowicz, Shari Herman, Adele Almaguer


HR Liaison:   Susan Murphy


I.Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:01 p.m. by Patty Smith.


Tami Springer was welcomed and introduced as Laura Gerber’s replacement. Paul Pasman also stepped down and there is no replacement.


Approval of April, 2009 Council Minutes

Minutes were approved - motion by Char-anna Koblick and 2nd by Barb Wadley


I.                   Committee Updates


Executive Committee

No news


Elections Committee

            No news


Benefits Committee

Roxie Litteral has not heard of any meetings scheduled.  Patty is checking with Lori Maurer.


By-laws Committee

No news


Parking Appeals/Parking

No news.



Promotions Committee

Relay for Life Hacienda Night only raised $261.00.  The discussion focused on picking a date farther in advance and improving communication.


The group discussed if SAC will be doing anything for the Staff Picnic.




No news


Webpage Committee

Get information about Tami Springer to put on website and remove Laura Gerber

and Paul Pasman.


Compassion Fund

Two requests have been submitted, one has been approved and one is pending.


II. New Business

ND Voice feedback.  John Affleck Graves wants SAC to be involved.  Dr. Graves requested a list of names for focus groups.  Patty asked for volunteers and compiled the list.  The University’s action plan will come, in part, from these focus groups.


The group discussed various issues surrounding the time off policies.   A suggestion was made to invite Denise Murphy from HR to address the questions.


The group also discussed and would like clarification of the tardy and time clock policies.


III.Additional Business

Jeff Korros from NDSP spoke about the upcoming Commencement and the protesters.  He advised that they have a plan in place not to block intersections. 


Doug Marsh from the Architect’s office talked about campus construction    projects.  Seven buildings will be completed in seven months.  The website to view these projects is  Doug also confirmed that speed bumps will be placed on Holy Cross Drive.


  Doug also addressed the plan for future office space and possible renovation of        current office space.


V.        Adjournment

Mo Marnocha made a motion to adjourn at 3:03 p.m.  The motion was seconded by Maria Chavez Revak.


Respectfully submitted,

Human Resources