Annual Report


2020 Staff Advisory Council Annual Report


Executive Summary - With newly established meeting procedures enabling us to pivot from meeting in person to virtual zoom meetings, we have successfully adjusted to continue fulfilling our purpose. Discussions on new quarantine/isolation policies, racial equality, diversity and inclusion with Shannon Cullinan and Marty Harshman have created an open line of communication with the new Executive Vice President and his office. We are still working to establish communication channels to give us the ability to reach staff working remotely as well as staff continuing to work on campus.


Committee Highlights

  1. Benefits Committee - Benefits for non-exempt staff remains unchanged for 2021. A meeting of the University’s Benefits Committee wasn’t called.
  2. By-Laws Committee - A review of our updated working by-laws took place and was presented to General Counsel for approval by our HR Liaison Sandra Garcia. They are displayed on our website.
  3. Compassion Fund Committee - The University’s Compassion Fund Committee, of which SAC is a member of, approved requests from employees in good standing sixteen times throughout the 2020 year. The total amount of disbursements was $13,205.87.  A Compassion Fund Committee meeting has been scheduled for January with Laura Pickings
  4. Elections Committee - Self-nominations were solicited in November for 18 of our 22 districts (odd number districts and any with at-large representation). We filled 16 of 18 with representatives from their districts, holding 3 run-off elections in districts where there were more than one self-nomination. The remaining two districts were each taken by veteran SAC members without a district (Steve Levy and Lynn McCormack) to hold 1-year at-large positions each, allowing those districts to have a representative. Additionally, the Elections Committee oversaw the election/confirmation process of the new 2021 Executive Committee: Lynn McCormack, Chair; Derrick Faulkens, Vice-Chair; Shelly Way, Secretary; and Heather Christensen, Treasurer. 
  5. Parking Appeals Committee - No Parking enforcement action occurred due to restricted traffic on campus, therefore no University Parking Appeals Committee meetings were held.
  6. Promotions and Communications Committee - Promotions members built a Virtual Health Fair Booth inviting all Notre Dame staff members to learn about SAC when they visited the 2020 Virtual Irish Health Fair. A stock template was created by Communications members to be used by each district rep when sending out monthly communications for uniformed messages to each district. Planning continues for the Facebook page updates and updates to our brochure, as well as how better to reach those staff whose jobs do not involve a computer.
  7. Website Committee - We created a Staff Feedback form to link to our website, as a way to provide staff another route to contact SAC with questions or concerns, and provided several updates to content. However, the main objective of the Website Committee was to receive approval for transitioning to a more user-friendly Conductor platform. Much of the year was spent trying to determine who is the best contact person. As a result of the pandemic, many positions were realigned and resources limited. This objective continues to be a work in progress. However, the Website Committee was able to establish a key contact to assist with issues involving the current Conductor platform. The Web team put us in touch with Erik Runyon, Marketing Communications: Web Content Specialist. He has been instrumental in assisting with the current site.


Guest Speakers in 2020

  • Keri Kei Shibata from NDPD, just days prior to the University shutting down (March)
  • Shannon Cullinan and Marty Harshman from Executive Vice President’s Office (July)
  • Eric Love from Diversity and Inclusion (September)
  • Dan Boughton from OIT Special Projects on increasing our communication skills (October)
  • LaTonia Ferguson conducted a Predictive Index exercise (November), which will be done again early 2021 with our new Council to help determine how individuals best work and how we can utilize that to our benefit moving forward.


2020 Executive Committee

  • Derrick Faulkens, Chairman
  • Lynn McCormack, Vice Chairman
  • Heather Christensen, Secretary
  • Rachel Mendez, Treasurer