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Staff Advisory Council Executive Officers 2020

  • Shall be composed of the four SAC officers, the HR Liaison, and the sub-committee chairs as deemed necessary.
  • Duties and responsibilities
    • Convene ad hoc committees.
    • Monitor progress of committees.
    • Implement By-Laws.
    • Other duties as the Chair or SAC shall request.

Chairperson: Derrick Faulkens

Vice-Chairperson: Lynn McCormack

Secretary: Heather Christensen

Treasurer: Rachel Mendez

HR Liaison: Sandra Garcia


Staff Advisory Council Sub-Committees 2020

Elections Committee

  • Shall be composed of the Vice-Chair and three other representatives.
  • Duties and responsibilities
    • Solicit self-nominations for annual district elections.
    • Develop and distribute ballots to all staff.
    • Collect and count ballots.
    • Conduct run-off elections.
    • Conduct election of officers.
    • Other such duties as SAC or the Chair shall request

Lynn McCormack, Vice Chair

Eula Hernandez

David Baiers


Bylaws Committee

  • Shall be composed of three representatives.
  • Responsible for watching that the by-laws are current and submitting updates for SAC vote prior to the bylaws then being approved by General Counsel.

Lynn McCormack, Vice Chair

Sandra Garcia

Shelly Sterling

Bernard Kulemeka


Benefits Committee 

  • This position is held by the Chair and is invited to attend HR meetings regarding staff benefits, as requested by HR.

Derrick Faulkens, Chair             (2nd of two-year term)


Compassion Fund

  • This is an HR committee that a SAC representative is asked to be on to assist in determining funding awards for people with serious need.

Terri Sweeney


Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) Committee

  • This is a University committee that a SAC representative is asked to be on to provide a staff viewpoint. Meetings are at the request of ECDC or Administration.

Steve Levy


Fred Freeman Scholarship Committee

  • This is a University committee where a SAC representative assists in reviewing applications for this non-exempt staff educational scholarship. The Fred Freeman Scholarship offers up to $2000/semester to eligible non-exempt staff to continue their college degree. Additional scholarship information is available on the HR website.

Emily Matz


Parking Appeals

  • This is a University committee that a SAC representative is asked to be on to assist in determining appeal outcomes. Meetings are held bi-monthly, every other Tuesday.
  • The representative will need to familiarize themselves with the campus parking rules and locations.

Shelly Way 


SAC Promotions Committee

  • This committee promotes and communicates the SAC committee to the staff of the University via advertising, events, and social media.

Shelly Sterling

Steve Levy

Rachel Mendez


SAC Website Committee

  • This committee oversees the website: the creation of new pages, updates of current pages, as well as the monitoring of the Staff Feedback Form
Lynn McCormack (2nd of two-year term)
Terri Sweeney (1st of two-year term)
Steve Levy (2nd of two-year term)



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