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Staff Advisory Council Executive Officers 2020

  • Shall be composed of the four SAC officers, the HR Liaison, and the sub-committee chairs as deemed necessary.
  • Duties and responsibilities
    • Convene ad hoc committees.
    • Monitor progress of committees.
    • Implement By-Laws.
    • Other duties as the Chair or SAC shall request.

Chairperson: Lynn McCormack

Vice-Chairperson: Derrick Faulkens

Secretary: Shelley Way

Treasurer: Heather Christensen

HR Liaison: Sandra Garcia


Staff Advisory Council Sub-Committees 2020

Elections Committee

  • Shall be composed of the Vice-Chair and three other representatives.
  • Duties and responsibilities
    • Solicit self-nominations for annual district elections.
    • Develop and distribute ballots to all staff.
    • Collect and count ballots.
    • Conduct run-off elections.
    • Conduct election of officers.
    • Other such duties as SAC or the Chair shall request

Vice-Chairperson: Derrick Faulkens

SAC Rep: Sherry Nadai

SAC Rep: Stephen Hall


Bylaws Committee

  • Shall be composed of three representatives.
  • Responsible for watching that the by-laws are current and submitting updates for SAC vote prior to the bylaws then being approved by General Counsel.

Vice-Chairperson: Derrick Faulkens

SAC Rep: Shelly Sterling (2nd of two-year term)

SAC Rep: Kathy Maloney


Benefits Committee 

  • This position is held by the Chair and is invited to attend HR meetings regarding staff benefits, as requested by HR.

Chairperson: Lynn McCormack (1st of two-year term)


Compassion Fund

  • This is an HR committee that a SAC representative is asked to be on to assist in determining funding awards for people with a serious need.

   SAC Rep: Terri Sweeney


Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) Committee

  • This is a University committee that a SAC representative is asked to be on to provide a staff viewpoint. Meetings are at the request of ECDC or Administration.

    SAC Rep: Steve Levy


Fred Freeman Scholarship Committee

  • This is a University committee where a SAC representative assists in reviewing applications for this non-exempt staff educational scholarship. The Fred Freeman Scholarship offers up to $2000/semester to eligible non-exempt staff to continue their college degree. Additional scholarship information is available on the HR website.

   SAC Rep: Heather Christensen


Parking Appeals

  • This is a University committee that a SAC representative is asked to be on to assist in determining appeal outcomes. Meetings are held bi-monthly, every other Tuesday.
  • The representative will need to familiarize themselves with the campus parking rules and locations.

   SAC Rep: Shelly Way (2nd of two-year term)


SAC Promotions Committee

  • This committee promotes and communicates the SAC committee to the staff of the University via advertising, events, and social media.

   Chairperson: Shelly Sterling (2nd of two-year term)

   SAC Rep: Michele Kirk

   SAC Rep: Julie Wilson

   SAC Rep: Dawn Smith


SAC Website Committee

  • This committee oversees the website: the creation of new pages, updates of current pages, as well as the monitoring of the Staff Feedback Form
    Chairperson: Terri Sweeney  (2nd of two-year term)
    SAC Rep: Shannon Root
    SAC Rep: Julie Wilson



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