Brent Bach

Bach Brent Hires


Works in: Civil & Environmental Engineering & Geological Sciences

Job title:  Senior Machinist

Started working at Notre Dame: 1997

Has served on SAC: > 1 year

Represents district: 

Subcommittee(s) serving on: Currently none

Brent has worked at Bendix, AlliedSignal, and Bosch for 11 years prior to working for Notre Dame where I’ve been for 23 years. He has always worked in engineering and testing. Since coming to Notre Dame, he has been involved in making and breaking concrete in one form or another. Brent works in the Civil & Environmental Engineering & Geological Sciences department. It barely fits on his business card. Getting paid to break things is fun. He likes motorcycles, barbequing, and is on a pistol team. He used to coach baseball and umpire but got out of it after his two sons moved on. Brent has been married for 38 years and last May graduated from Bethel University with a degree in Organizational Management.

If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions, please feel welcome to contact Brent at