Rachel Mendez

Rachel Mendez

Works in: Mathematics

Job title: Graduate Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

Started working at Notre Dame: 2016

Has served on SAC: 2 years

Represents district: 10 (at large) and 15

Subcommittee(s) serving on: Executive Committee (Treasurer)

Rachel enjoys: crafting, coffee with friends, deep conversations, reading political thrillers, spending time with family, listening to music, going to church and attending small group with her church peeps. She and her husband have been married for 13 years. They have 2 kids and 1 super cute pup. She's from the South Bend area, but she's also lived in Texas, Virginia, and Illinois. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and loves working with people of all walks of life. She survives on Jesus, coffee, and music. Her favorite author is Joel C. Rosenberg. You may be surprised to know that she was a diver for her high school swim team. The movies she quotes the most are "Elf," "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," and "The Sandlot." She hates being scared, so if you see her on campus, please don't jump out and scare her because it's possible she may involuntarily punch you. Her favorite instrument is the cello, even though she doesn't play. She loves to hear other people's stories, so feel free to reach out and share yours. She serves on the Staff Advisory Council because she believes everyone should be represented and given a voice.

If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions, please feel welcome to contact Rachel at Rachel.Mendez@nd.edu, (574) 631-7245, or 255 Hurley Hall.