Terron Phillips Sr

Terron Phillips Sr 6x4

Works in: Landscape

Job title: Crew Leader

Started working at Notre Dame: 1992

Has served on SAC: 3 years

Represents district: 12

Subcommittee(s) serving on: Currently none

In his spare time, Terron coaches at different levels for the South Bend School Corporation. He's a proud father of 7 children and enjoys helping other kids in the community to be successful in life by asking them what are their plans for the future. He's been married going on 22 years. He and his wife have raised 7 talented, well-respected kids. They have been blessed! All 7 of they're children have graduated high school, and are attending or had some college education. His wife has been a medical coder for St Joseph Medical Center for 21 years. Notre Dame has opened many doors for Terron and his family. It all started from his late beloved Dad “T” from the stadium who passed away this past March 2019. He worked for the University for 39 years. Terron's youngest brother Shawn Thomas works in General Services. His oldest daughter Denayia Phillips works in Mendoza. His oldest son, Terron Phillips Jr., played in the ND band all 4 years and graduated from across the way at Holy Cross College. Terron's youngest son works on-call for ND events, Derrion Phillips, and his second to the oldest daughter is a senior here at ND. Therefore you can see Notre Dame is a family place. GO IRISH ☘️!!!

If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions, please feel welcome to contact Terron at tphillip@nd.edu.