Julie Wilson

Julie Wilson

Works in: COVID Response Unit-Contact Tracing Team

Job title: Lead Contact Tracer

Started working at Notre Dame: 2015

Has served on SAC: > 1 year

Represents district: 

Subcommittee(s) serving: Promotions Committee, Website Committee

Julie is currently working with the COVID Response Unit-Contact Tracing Team but was formerly the Food and Beverage Manager at the Morris Inn. She began serving the University in 2015. Outside of her career and developmental passions, she enjoys spending time with her big beautiful family of her beau, 7 children, and two fur babies.  Her other hobbies include poetry, schooling, arts and crafts, and traveling. Creating memories with her team at ND and her family at home, are what provide the drive and unending hunger for better results.  She loves all foods except the spicy dishes! She is somewhat impartial having been spoiled by the culinary excellence of Chef Metts and Borlik.  However, she enjoys the southern flare of modern dishes as well as her old-time favorite Sushi. Julie and her beau are planning a few big vacations, post-COVID which includes taking her children to Disney World. She enjoys learning through developmental classes, reading, and outdoor adventures.  Julie has a passion for helping others and by giving them the right tools, knowledge, training, finds joy in contributing to their successes. 

If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions, please feel welcome to contact Julie at Julie.M.Wilson.337@nd.edu, (574) 631-2057.