Annual Report 2005

Staff Advisory Council

Annual Report 2005

The Staff Advisory Council Committee met the second Tuesday of each month of 2005 excluding the month of June.
Accomplishments of the SAC 2005 Committee were:

  • SAC Brochure: A new brochure to inform present and new employees of SAC’s existence and purpose      

  • Bylaws : Bylaws were updated

  • Web Page: The web page was completely overhauled and updated including a new address to reflect current N.D. format                                   

  • Staff Picnic: Input from SAC aided in the return of the staff picnic

  • Separation of Women’s Committee: SAC supported the separation of this committee so that it could become it’s own entity to better server N.D. women. SAC will keep representation on this committee

This years presentations to SAC were:

  • Gail Mancini, Editor, ND WORKS: Gave us an overview of the N.D. WORKS publication

  • Jeff Korros, Captain, Security: Discussed traffic and parking at Notre Dame

  • Alan Bigger, Director, Building Services: Presented the new “OLD 2 GOLD” fundraising project

  • John Afflect-Graves, Vice President with Robert McQuade Assoc. Vice President Human Resources: Gave a prospective of the future outlook at Notre Dame and received questions from SAC members

  • Kris Urschel, Human Resources: Gave presentation on the new web based JOB@ND employment site

Request from SAC to Human resources:

  • SAC has requested  the removal of Social Security numbers from United Way mailings

  • SAC requested updated insurance cards for those served by Advantage Insurance that includes the new co-pays

Committee and Focus Groups served by SAC:

  • Benefits Committee: One SAC member serves on this committee as a representative for non exempt staff employees                                

  • Parking Committee: One SAC member serves on this committee to oversee campus parking appeals

  • Pay Status Focus Group: Focus groups from SAC and staff met to give input on how this change should be implemented

  • Time Off  Focus group: Members from SAC was one of many groups that provided suggestions about the currant time off with pay program

  • Human Resources Focus Group: Two SAC members attended focus group meeting that polled employees about how HR could better serve the university

Projects Pending :

  • Awards of Excellence Program: Recommendation to bring this program back

  • Redistricting: As buildings have been added, moved and lost, districts should be looked at

Respectively Submitted,

Kathy Stopczynski, Chair
Jennifer Ihns, Vice chair
Sharon Konopka, Secretary/Treasurer