Annual Report 2010


Annual Report – 2010


The Notre Dame Staff Advisory Council (SAC) completed its 14th year of existence in 2010. During 2010, SAC held 12 regularly scheduled monthly meetings. In addition, several members of the SAC served on various ad hoc and standing committees, including: SAC Promotions, elections, executive, web-page, parking appeals, parking, compassion fund and benefits, ECDC and Harvest House. Several of these committees often met after work or on lunch hours. We wish to thank all those SAC members who served on committees. The input generated by their additional effort was invaluable to the various ends of each committee and to the overall function of the Staff Advisory Council.

Promotions of Staff Advisory Council:

·         Operation Quiet Comfort

The SAC organized a jean drive to collect 100% cotton denim jeans across campus.  270 pairs of jeans were collected and then cut into 2700 6” x 6” squares.  Those squares were then made available for members of campus community to sign/decorate.  The Promotions Committee recruited several area Catholic schools to assist with the signing/decorating.  All the finished squares were then given to Operation Quiet Comfort to be sewn into quilts which will be given to U.S. soldiers injured in the line of duty.

Presentations to the Staff Advisory Council:

·         April: Denise Murphy, Dir, Compensation and Benefits, HR

o   ND Renew Project

·         August: Jessica Brookshire, Assistant Director, UR Events & Protocol

o   United Way

·         September: Josh Berlo, Senior Assistant Athletic Director

o   Payment options for season fooball tickets for staff/faculty

·         October: (1st Presentation) Denise Murphy, Director, Compliance & Benefits, HR

o   Benefits Update

                     (2nd Presentation) John Affleck Graves, Executive Vice President

o   Update on University and open Q & A session


·         December: (1st Presentation) Sarah Misener, Dir., HR Consultants & Shared Services

o    Follow up to JAG’s visit

(2nd Presentation) Denise Murphy, Director, Compliance & Benefits, HR

o   Benefits Update

       Recommendations and accomplishments of Staff Advisory Council:

·         By-laws updated and current

·         Due to several departmental relocations around campus, the SAC districts were reorganized for 2011.

·         Orchestrated the installation of multiple speed bumps around campus, specifically on Stephan Drive near Stephan Center

·         Facilitated Notre Dame campus collection of Holy Cross Harvest food drive to benefit the Food Bank of Northern Indiana

·         By utilizing email (in districts where applicable) for 2011 SAC nominations/elections, the SAC was able to reduce the number of printed nomination forms by nearly 50%.

·         The SAC participated in the on-going discussion regarding Fee-based parking. After several meetings, the committee made a recommendation to John Affleck-Graves not to implement fee-based parking on-campus.  This committee is no longer active.

·         The SAC was awarded a Presidental Team Irish Award at the November 13, 2010 Utah v. Notre Dame game.


            In addition to the above mentioned items, the SAC, throughout the year, held many internal discussions regarding topics such as, but not limited to, campus safety, a smoke free campus, parking accommodations/issues, UltraTime issues, catering cost issues, staff shuttle, years of service gifts and University policies, for which no specific changes have been made.

            As our service to Notre Dame staff the SAC committee previewed and had some input on several campus presentations/initiatives regarding topics such as, but not limited to,  presentations of ND Benefits, Open Enrollment, ND Renew (Town Hall presentation), Health Advocate, United Way, the new pension benefit resource YPR (Your Pension Resources), and Healthy Campus Initiatives.


Ongoing SAC Committees:

Executive Committee

Election Committee

Promotions Committee

Web-page Committee


Committees with SAC Representation:

Compassion Fund Committee

Benefits Committee

Parking Committee

ECDC Committee

Holy Cross Harvest Committee

Presidential Awards Committee


Respectively Submitted,

Patricia Smith, Chair

Jody Klontz, Vice-Chair

Shari Herman, Secretary