Annual Report 2013



Annual Report – 2013


The Notre Dame Staff Advisory Council (SAC) completed its 17th year of existence in 2013. During 2013, SAC held 11 regularly scheduled monthly meetings. In addition, several members of the SAC served on various ad hoc and standing committees, including: SAC Promotions, elections, executive, web-page, parking appeals, parking, compassion fund, benefits, and ECDC. Several of these committees often met after work or on lunch hours. We wish to thank all those SAC members who served on committees. The input generated by their additional effort was invaluable to the various ends of each committee and to the overall function of the Staff Advisory Council.


Promotions of Staff Advisory Council:

·         Book drive benefiting the Robinson Center and El Campito resulting in the collection of 415 books for children preschool age through 6th grade.

·         Pop tab and individual cereal box drive benefiting the Ronald McDonald house at Memorial Hospital resulting in the collection of 1000’s of pop tabs and 232 individual boxes of cereal.


Presentations to the Staff Advisory Council:

·         January:           John Affleck-Graves, Executive Vice President

Facilities update

Answered questions


·         February:         Sue Lister, Associate Director, Internal Communications

Solicited feedback regarding NDWorks, This Week @ ND, and Today @ ND


·         April:               Maureen Wildey, Benefit Program Manager, HR

FMLA overview


·         June:                Denise Murphy, Director, Benefits & Wellness, HR and

Maureen Wildey, Benefits Program Manager, HR

Presentation on possible revisions to non-exempt sick leave policy and addition of short term disability plan


·         July:                 Linda Kroll, Associate Vice President, Office of Budget and Planning

Presentation regarding ECDC


·         September:      Les Niedbalski, Parking and Traffic Manager, Security

Addressed questions


·         October:          Jennifer Addis, Benefits Program Manager, HR

Open Enrollment


Recommendations and accomplishments of Staff Advisory Council:

·         In March, Sue Lister invited Patty to participate in a focus group concerning internal communications.

·         Many members participated in Relay for Life.

·         SAC continues to be involved in the discussion of the need Short Term Disability for non-exempt employees.

·         SAC Participated in the Harvest House Food Drive.




In addition to the above mentioned items the SAC, throughout the year, held many internal discussions regarding topics such as, but not limited to:


Parking and fines

The Wellness Center’s performance

Staff with gambling addictions

Office cleaning schedules

Dual career opportunities

Morris Inn’s year round operation

Annual staff picnic



As our service to Notre Dame staff the SAC committee previewed and had some input on several campus presentations/initiatives regarding topics such as, but not limited to, presentations of ND Benefits, Open Enrollment, and the possible change to non-exempt sick leave policy/short term disability.


Ongoing SAC Committees:

Executive Committee

Election Committee

Promotions Committee

Web-page Committee


Committees with SAC Representation:

Compassion Fund Committee

Benefits Committee

Parking Committee

ECDC Committee


Respectively Submitted,

Patricia Smith, Chair

Jody Klontz, Vice-Chair