December 1996

Staff Advisory Council
Thursday, December 12, 1996
LaFortune Student Center - Notre Dame Room
1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Present: Sue Baum-Lentine, JoAnn Beissel, Larry Born, Rachel Boyd, Dan Brazo, Lori Butchko, Phyllis Campbell, Pat Dillman, Carol Drzewiecki, Debbie Fox, Pam Jobin, Chuck Klein, Rita Grontkowski, Don Newsom, Sue Penrod, Sharon Preston, Tracie Santicola, Jennifer Schafer, Diane Schlatterbeck, Fred Sonneborn, Pat Trost, Tubie Tubicsak, Rita Vanderbosch, Barbara Wiggins, Bill Willard and Deanna Zukowski.

Absent: Jan Blazi, Toby Green, Jean Mulrenan, and Amy Tremel.

Sue Penrod, Chair called the meeting to order at 1:08 p.m.

I.Approval of minutes from the November 14, 1996 meeting

Rita Vanderbosch made a motion to approve the November 14, 1996 minutes. This motion was seconded by Phyllis Campbell. A vote was taken and all council members agreed to approve the November 14, 1996 minutes.

II. Health/Vision Insurance Discussion

After much discussion, several council members had questions in regard to Health Insurance. Since this is not Rich Nugent's area of expertise, he recommended that the council invite Rita Winsor to the next meeting. The Council agreed to invite Rita Winsor to attend the next regularly scheduled meeting and have her answer any questions the Council may have with regard to Health/Vision Insurance.

III. Staff Grievance Procedure

After discussion Dan Brazo made a motion that the Council should direct Rich Nugent to bring to the next meeting some samples or models of grievance procedures he has awareness of, including models that utilize some type of peer review, for the Council to look at in order for the Council to begin developing a proposal or recommendation on behalf of staff to change the current employee grievance procedure. Barbara Wiggins seconded the motion. A vote was taken and 26 Council members voted in favor.

Rita Vanderbosch made a motion to have a Special Staff Advisory Council meeting on January 23, 1996 to discuss the Staff Grievance Procedure. Chuck Klein seconded the motion. A vote was taken and 20 Council members were in favor, 4 Council members opposed and 1 Council member abstained. (1 member had to leave early before the voting.) (** The Notre Dame Room is not available on January 23, 1996, so the special meeting will be held January 30, 1996 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Notre Dame Room of LaFortune Student Center.)

IV. New Business

Women's Committee

Sue Penrod, Chair asked Rich Nugent to share information in regards to the formation of a Women's Committee for staff at the University. Rich asked the council to think about establishing a woman's committee that would address women's issues at Notre Dame. The Council agreed to think about this issue and discuss it at the next meeting.

Elections Committee
Chuck Klein informed the Council that the Elections Committee is currently working on preparing to send out the mission statement of the Council along with the self-nominating forms to all staff in odd numbered districts. The self-nomination form will give the individual the opportunity to describe in 35 to 40 words or less why they want to run for the Staff Advisory Council. Chuck stated that the self-nomination forms are expected to go out the first week of January. Once the self-nomination forms are received the ballots will be completed and sent out. Chuck stated that he will be requesting the help of some Staff Advisory Council members who are not up for reelection to assist with the election. Chuck told the Council that Thursday, February 20, 1997 will be the first meeting attended by the newly elected Council members of the odd districts.

Ad-Hoc Pension Committee
Chuck stated that the research for this committee is currently taking place. Collecting data from other organizations is taking time and that the process for researching this information will be lengthy.

Sue Penrod, Chair stated that the next regularly scheduled meeting will take place on:
Thursday, January 16, 1996 and the tentative agenda includes:

I. Presentation on the Pay Frequency Issue..............Scott Malpass, Associate Vice President for Finance and Chief Investment Officer

II. Health and Vision Insurance Discussion/Questions.....................Rita Winsor, Assistant Director for Human Resources

III. New Business................................Sue Penrod, Chair

a. Year End Report

b. Women's Committee Response

Chuck Klein made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Phyllis Campbell seconded the motion. The Council all agreed.

Respectfully submitted,

Communications Committee