February 1997

Staff Advisory Council
Thursday, February 20, 1997
LaFortune Student Center - Notre Dame Room
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Present: Sue Baum-Lentine, Rhonda Barkley, Jan Blazi, Larry Born, Rachel Boyd, Dan Brazo, Phyllis Campbell, Pat Dillman, Ron Dokes, Julie Ferraro, Toby Green, Pam Jobin, Chuck Klein, Rita Grontkowski, JoAnn Longenecker, Norma Mezykowski, Jean Mulrenan, Sue Penrod, Tracie Santicola, Jennifer Schafer, Diane Schlatterbeck, Fred Sonneborn, Amy Tremel, Pat Trost, Scott Uekert, Barbara Wiggins.

Absent: Debbie Fox, Don Newsom, and Deanna Zukowski. (Victoria Cotton from District 17 was asked not to attend this meeting so the Council could discuss the election that took place in that District.)

Sue Penrod, Chair called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.

I. District #17 Election Discussion
The Elections Committee explained the situation regarding the election in District #17. The Council fully discussed the situation. Larry Born made a motion to accept the election process and voting as it occurred in District #17. Phyllis Campbell seconded the motion. A vote was taken and 25 members were in favor, no one opposed.

II. Introduction of Newly Elected Council Members
Each member of the Council introduced themselves, what district they are representing, and which previous Council member they are replacing.

III. Election of Executive Officers
The Election Committee asked for self-nominations from those Council members who have served at least one year on the Council. Dan Brazo was elected as the new Chair. Phyllis Campbell was re-elected as the Vice-Chair. Jennifer Schafer was elected as the new Secretary.

IV. Selection of a Council Member to serve on the Ad-Hoc Parking Committee.
Larry Born volunteered to serve as the staff representative on the Ad-Hoc Parking Committee.

V. Women's Committee
Rich Nugent, Assistant Director for Human Resources, made a proposal on behalf of the University Administration requesting the Council to take on the initiative of looking at forming a women's committee. This committee would consist of female staff members to discuss issues particular to women and address issues women face in their jobs here at the University. Sue Baum-Lentine made a motion to establish an ad-hoc committee to look at the best way to develop this women's committee. Amy Tremel seconded the motion. A vote was taken and 25 members were in favor, one member was opposed. (There were 26 voting members on this motion due to the late arrival of one council member.) Dan Brazo, Chair asked for volunteers to serve on this women's ad-hoc committee. The members of the women's ad-hoc committee include: Rhonda Barkley, Phyllis Campbell, Toby Green, Rita Grontkowski, Pam Jobin, Sue Penrod, Amy Tremel, and Pat Trost.

VI. New Business
Dan Brazo, Chair asked for volunteers to serve on the Communications Committee since there is only one member remaining on this committee. Tracie Santicola and Sue Penrod volunteered to serve on this committee. The Communications Committee now consists of Jennifer Schafer, Tracie Santicola and Sue Penrod. At the next regularly scheduled meeting, Dan indicated the Council will fill vacancies on ad-hoc committees.

The Council discussed the Web Page. The Council agreed to have Rita Vanderbosch assist the Vice-Chair, Phyllis Campbell, in performing this responsibility.

The Council discussed the idea of changing the date for vacation benefits from the anniversary date of the employee to the employee's date of hire, rather than the current July 1st date. The Council decided to table this discussion until the month of May.

The Council asked Rich questions and discussed some issues with regard to the Classification Review Project.

Dan welcomed all of the new members again to the Council. He stated the next regularly scheduled meeting will take place on Thursday, March 13, 1997. The tentative agenda includes:

I. Selection of members to ad-hoc committee vacancies.

II. Reviewing a proposal to amend the by-laws with regard to the Communications Committee.

III.Staff Grievance Procedure Discussion

IV.Approve the most commonly asked questions regarding the Staff Advisory Council proposal.

V. Staff Pension Discussion

Dan adjourned the meeting at 3:01 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Communications Committee