June 1997

Staff Advisory Council Minutes
Thursday, June 12, 1997
LaFortune Student Center - Notre Dame Room
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Present: Rhonda Barkley, Sue Baum-Lentine, Jan Blazi, Larry Born, Rachel Boyd, Dan Brazo, Phyllis Campbell, Tammy Chapman, Victoria Cotton, Pat Dillman, Julie Ferraro, Debbie Fox, Toby Green, Rita Grontkowski, Pam Jobin, Chuck Klein, Norma Mezykowski, Sue Penrod, Tracie Santicola, Jennifer Schafer, Fred Sonneborn, Amy Tremel, Pat Trost, Scott Uekert, Barbara Wiggins, and Deanna Zukowski.

Absent: Ron Dokes, JoAnn Longenecker, Don Newsom and Diane Schlatterbeck.

Dan Brazo, Chair called the meeting to order at 1:06 p.m.

Dan Brazo wanted to wait a few minutes for all Council members to arrive in order for the Staff Advisory Council photograph to be taken, so he began with Agenda II.

II. Approval of Minutes from the May 8, 1997
Meeting Chuck Klein made a motion to approve the minutes from the May 8, 1997 meeting. Larry Born seconded the motion. A vote was taken and 26 members voted in favor.

I. Photograph of Staff Advisory Council Linda Dun, Photographer took a new photo of the Staff Advisory Council.

III. Old Business
A. By-Law changes - Jennifer Schafer made the following proposal to the Council to be considered as the second reading and final vote to follow for this change in the by-laws. Jennifer Schafer proposed that the current ad-hoc Communications Committee become a standing committee that would be added to the by-laws. Jennifer recommended the Communications Committee be added to the by-laws under Article VII, B., 3. Communications Committee
a. Shall be composed of three to four volunteers or appointees.
b. Duties and responsibilities shall consist of:
(1.) review and approve minutes from each Council meeting for distribution and publication.
(2.) and such other duties as the Chairperson or Council shall request. Sue Baum-Lentine made a motion to accept this change to the by-laws. Chuck Klein seconded the motion. The final vote was taken on the this proposal to the by-laws. There were 25 Council members in favor and 1 Council member opposed. The change will be made to the by- laws.

B. Women's Committee Proposal -
Rich Nugent, shared that the women's proposal submitted by the Staff Advisory Council was well received by the appropriate university administration, however a concern arose based on how the women's committee would be organized. The concern by the administration is having a second election and another separate group. The university administration feels strongly that the Staff Advisory Council is the elected body representing the views of non-exempt staff across campus.

Julie Ferraro made a motion that the Ad-Hoc Women's Committee rewrite the proposal in a more clear manner and present it to the Council again at the July meeting. Barbara Wiggins seconded the motion. A vote was taken on this motion and 6 were in favor, 18 opposed and 2 abstained.

After much discussion between Council members, Dan Brazo tabled this discussion until after Dave Prentkowski the Director for Food Services completed his presentation on the changes occurring in Food Services.

IV. Food Services Presentation
Dave Prentkowski thanked the Council for the time they have committed to representing their various areas across campus to improve the University.

The following summarizes what Dave Prentkowski communicated to the Council. In an effort to improve food production and service, especially in the catering business and the building of new dorms on the south side of campus, a need for change in Food Services has been created. This need for change has resulted with a new building called the Food Services Support Facility located behind St. Michael's Laundry off of Juniper and Douglas. This Food Services Support Facility will allow larger space for the bakery, centralize vegetable cutting and cleaning, do meat production, soups, sauces, and warehousing including a large freezer to allow food services to purchase larger quantities of food and supplies at a more reasonable cost.

The new Food Services Support Facility will be staffed with approximately 65 employees. The staff at the Food Services Support Facility is drawn from current staff interested from the South and North Dining Hall who expressed interest in working in the new area.

With the building of student dorms across from the South Dining Hall, renovations are currently underway to improve and expand the South Dining Hall. At some point during the construction process the Oak Room will close, however, the Faculty Dining Room at the top of the steps in the South Dining Hall will be open for faculty and staff for lunch.

It was indicated that the small retail operations around campus are also becoming popular. The Huddle's business has decreased due to the opening of the new dorms. So, the Huddle will be redesigned to enlarge the "grab and go" grocery item concept for students. In addition, the pizza area is being upgraded.

The business offices of the South Dining Hall have been moved temporarily to the North Dining Hall during construction. Once the construction is complete at the South Dining Hall the business offices will return to the South Dining Hall. The South Dining Hall kitchen will completely close during construction, but continue to seat students for meals. This is why the new Food Services Support Facility and the North Dining Hall will be critical to the food services operation in the month's ahead.

Looking ahead, it was stated that Grace Hall is planned to have a cafeteria in 1997, the new Science and Teaching Building will have a food service operation in it, and the Club House for the new Golf Course will have some type of food service operation. In addition, with the enlargement of the football stadium, concessions will increase.

Dave mentioned that food services continues to look at their markets on campus. It was indicated by the Council that they would be available to give input or suggestions into ideas for the food services areas.

Dan Brazo thanked Dave Prentkowski for his presentation.

V. District Situation Discussion
Pam Zarazee notified the Council that the PEW Scholars Program is now it's own department. The PEW Scholars Program is under the Provost, however, located in the basement of Hesburgh Library. Chuck Klein made a motion to have District #3 communicate with the non-exempt staff in the PEW Scholar Program. Phyllis Campbell seconded the motion. A vote was taken and all 26 Council members voted in favor of this motion.

The discussion with the changes in Food Services and the districts was held. Jennifer Schafer made a motion to have the non-exempt staff in the Food Services Support Facility and all Auxiliary Enterprises for food services, (Cafe Poche, etc...) be placed under District #23. Rachel Boyd seconded the motion. A vote was taken and 23 were in favor, 0 against and 3 abstained.

A recommendation was made by Toby Green for the Executive Council to look into the issue of the representatives from District #21 and District #22, because the Council representatives from these districts will be moving to the new Food Services Support Facility in July.

Dan Brazo brought back the tabled issue on the Women's Committee to the Council. It was determined that a special meeting should be held to discuss this issue. More than five Council members petitioned to have this special meeting. The special meeting will be held on Thursday, June 26, 1997 at 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Notre Dame Room of LaFortune Student Center. Dan Brazo asked the Council to be prepared to share their views and concerns in an organized and timely manner.

Dan Brazo stated that time had ran out. Dan asked the Council to send him any agenda item they may have. The tentative agenda for the Thursday, July 10, 1997 meeting is:

I. Approve the minutes from the June 12, 1997 meeting
II. Night Shift Differential Discussion
III. New Business
a. Review list of new issues
b. Retirement ad-hoc committee proposal
IV. Set new agenda for next regularly scheduled meeting.

Julie Ferraro made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 3:06 p.m. Amy Tremel seconded the motion. A vote was taken and 26 Council members were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,
Communications Committee