February 1999

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, February 11, 1999

LaFortune Student Center - Notre Dame Room
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Grace Hall
Present: Amy Belke, Deb Bennett, Jan Blazi, Rachel Boyd, Dan Brazo, Emily Cassidy, Tammy Chapman, Gina DeLaruelle, Janet Dillon, Norma Frost, Deb Fox, Toby Green, Linda Hansen, Pam Jobin, Wanda Lansford, Mike Manijak, Norma Mezykowski, Terron Phillips, Diane Schlatterbeck, Doris Smuda, Fred Sonneborn, Leona Strickland, Dona Waters, Joshua White and Melodie Wise. 
Absent: Deborah Clark, Victoria Cotton, Rita Grontkowski, Beverly Harbor, Frances Leedy and Sue Penrod.
HR Liaisons: Rich Nugent, Wendy Mott and Sabine Taras.
Dan Brazo, Chair, called the Council meeting to order at 1:10 p.m. 
Dan welcomed Wendy Mott and Sabine Taras who will be filling in for Pam Zarazee while she is out on leave.
I. Seating of the 1999 New Council Members 
Dan started the meeting by making sure everyone had received the information from the special meeting regarding the empty districts. District 27 was one person short, but it will be filled. 
Dan welcomed Terron Phillips (the new Council representative from district 19) and Norma Frost (the new Council representative from district 29) to their first meeting and described to them briefly how the Council meetings function.
II. Election of Officers 
The Council discussed the new officer elections. Dan shared with the Council that if no one else wanted to be Chair then he would be willing to be Chair again, but wanted to give someone else the opportunity. No one else volunteered. Toby Green made a motion to have Dan as the 1999 Chairperson. Pam Jobin seconded this motion. Dan accepted. 
The floor then was open to filling the position for the vice chair. Gina DeLaruelle made a motion to have Deb Fox as the 1999 Vice Chairperson. Melodie Wise seconded this motion. Deb accepted with the exception of having to step down from the election committee.
The floor then was open to filling the position for secretary. Deb Fox made a motion to have Jan Blazi as the 1999 Secretary. Pam Jobin seconded this motion. Jan accepted.
III. Election of Ad-Hoc Committees 
There were four committees that were up to be filled. The first one was the standing Election Committee. Volunteers were accepted to fill the standing Election Committee and they include: Deb Bennett, Toby Green, Gina DeLaruelle and Josh White. The second was the standing Communications Committee. Volunteers were accepted to fill the standing Communications Committee and they include: Emily Cassidy, Wanda Lansford, Pam Jobin and Josh White. The third was the Ad-Hoc Women's Committee. Volunteers were accepted and they include: Donna Waters, Rachel Boyd, Toby Green, Rita Grontkowski and Melodie Wise. The fourth was the Ad-Hoc By-Laws Committee and they include: Toby Green, Melodie Wise, Josh White and Jan Blazi.
IV. Approval of the January 14, 1999 Minutes 
Gina DeLaruelle made a motion to accept the minutes. Pam Jobin seconded. All were in favor.
V. Detailed Discussion about the Staff Picnic Planning 
The Council discussed taking advantage of the Staff Picnic and using it as a tool to promote the Staff Advisory Council. An ad-hoc committee was formed and the following volunteered: Josh White.80 (1-3017), Gina DeLaruelle.1 (1-4462), Norma Frost.9 (1-7497), Deb Bennett.3 (1-7058) and Janet Dillon.3 (1-6147). They will meet and report at the next Council meeting, March 11th. 
VI. Present 1999 Prioritized List of Issues to Council 
The Council discussed the list and decided it should be broke down into two lists to better suite Council business. One will have what is currently being worked on and the second list will show what needs to start to be worked on. All on the Council agreed. The two lists will be decided at the next meeting.
VII. Set Agenda for the March 11, 1999 Meeting  I. Council Photo 
 II. Approval of the February 11, 1999 Minutes 
 III. Fill Women's Committee Vacancies 
 IV. Committee Reports
1. Staff Picnic
2. By-Laws 
 V. Update on Performance Reviews 
 VI. July 1, 1999 Increases 
 VII. Discussion of Amended Priorities Issues 
 VIII. 1998 Annual Report 
 IX. Set the Agenda for the Thursday, April 8, 1999 Meeting 
Rich Nugent passed out copies of the Winter 1998-99 Notre Dame Magazine and pointed out the article on page18, "Why Does Notre Dame Cost So Much?". This article may help shed some light on where the dollars from tuition go and how the money is allocated. 
Wendy Mott reminded the Council members that the photographer will be at the March 11th meeting to take a picture of the Council.
Gina DeLaruelle made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Wanda Lansford seconded this motion. A vote was taken, and all present Council members were in favor of the motion.
Respectfully Submitted, 
Communications Committee