January 1999

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, January 14, 1999

LaFortune Student Center - Notre Dame Room
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Present: Amy Belke, Deb Bennett, Jan Blazi, Rachel Boyd, Dan Brazo, Emily Cassidy, Tammy Chapman, Deborah Clark, Gina DeLaruelle, Janet Dillon, Deb Fox, Toby Green, Rita Grontkowski, Wanda Lansford, Frances Leedy, Mike Manijak, Norma Mezykowski, Don Newsom, Diane Schlatterbeck, Doris Smuda, Fred Sonneborn, Leona Strickland, Dona Waters, and Melodie Wise. 
Absent: Rhonda Barkley, Victoria Cotton, Linda Hansen, Pam Jobin, Sue Penrod, and Joshua White.
HR Liaisons: Sarah Misener, Rich Nugent, and Pam Zarazee.
Dan Brazo, Chair, called the Council meeting to order at 1:06 p.m. Dan wished all the Council members a Happy New Year.
Dan explained to the Council that Sarah Misener, Manager, Training & Development requested a few minutes to get some input from the Council on the Performance Review process. Sarah explained to the Council that Human Resources is working with members of the Human Resource Planning Group to improve the current performance review. Sarah asked the Council to solicit input from their districts -- the positives and negatives of the performance review process, definitions, criteria, etc... with regard to the performance review form. Sarah stated that the Council could email her the input they receive at Misener.1@nd.edu, or call her at 631-7894 no later than Wednesday, January 20, 1999. Sarah thanked the Council for allowing her a few minutes to seek their valuable input. 
Dan introduced and welcomed Leona Strickland from District #5 to the Council. Dan shared that Leona will be replacing Chuck Klein from the College of Engineering. Since District #5 is up for election, Leona stated she will be running. I.  Approval of the Minutes from the December 10, 1998 meeting.
Toby Green asked for a clarification and wording change in the paragraph that Roger Mullins, Associate Vice President for Human Resources discussed regarding the new employee complaint procedure. Toby Green then made a motion to accept the December 10, 1998 minutes with the suggested change.
Gina DeLaruelle seconded this motion. A vote was taken, and all Council members present were in favor of the motion. 
Diane Schlatterbeck handed out the 1998 Annual Report that the Executive Committee developed. Dan stated that after reviewing the minutes from the 1998 Council meetings an error was detected. Dan asked the Council if the correction in the January 1998 minutes could be placed in the 1998 Annual Report. The Council discussed and Toby Green made a motion to accept placing the correction from the January 8,1998 minutes in the Annual Report. Melodie Wise seconded this motion. A vote was taken, and all Council members present were in favor of the motion. 
II. Elections Committee Update and Time Line
Deb Fox shared with the Council that the self-nomination forms went out the week of January 11th to the odd numbered districts. (There are fifteen total odd numbered districts.) Deb stated that the self-nomination forms are due back to her by 5 pm on Wednesday, January 20th. A Council member shared a concern that District #7 is the office/clerical group of the College of Science not the Technician group which is represented by District #8. Another Council member clarified that the odd numbered districts are up for 2 -year terms not a 1-year term. The Council members discussed this situation and decided that anyone that nominates themselves will be contacted to clarify that the term is for 2 years instead of 1 year. 
Dan Brazo readjusted the agenda to discuss a proposal with the Council regarding Holiday hours.
III. Proposal for Adjustment of University Holiday Hours
Dan Brazo handed out a proposal to the Council regarding counting University recognized holidays as actual hours worked in determining overtime. The Council discussed this proposal at length. Rich Nugent shared with the Council that at this time University recognized holiday pay is not considered as time actually worked and is not counted as hours worked in fulfilling the requirement that 40 hours be actually worked before the overtime rate is paid. This meets the terms of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Rich added that some departments choose to give employees the option of being paid for the holiday or receiving time off. Rich also addressed the snow pay issue. The policy of the University is that when the University is officially closed due to inclement weather, an employee who is regularly scheduled for that day will receive pay for those hours scheduled. If the University has not officially been closed, an employee can request to go home, but in order to be paid the employee must use personal or vacation time. Snow pay is not considered hours worked and is not counted in the calculation of overtime for that week.
Toby Green made a motion to accept this proposal and have Rich Nugent take it to the University Administration. Don Newsom seconded this motion. A vote was taken, and all Council members present were in favor of this motion.
IV. Continued Discussion of Staff Issues and Priorities Listing
The Council continued to give input on various issues that they believe staff want to see discussed at the Council meetings. The additional ideas included:
* Short-Term Disability
* Compensation including overtime for employees who work in operations open 365 days a year 24 hours a day
* Sick-time - being able to accumulate over and above 720 hours
Dan thanked the Council for their input on the additional issues staff are concerned about here at Notre Dame. Dan told the Council that the Executive Committee will meet to try and prioritize the full list of topics and bring to the February meeting a prioritized list to discuss. 
V. Discussion of Staff Advisory Council/Staff Picnic Planning
Dan shared with the Council that it is time to start thinking about what the Council would like to do for the Staff Picnic which takes place in June. The Council discussed a number of ideas and decided to table this discussion until the February meeting when the new Council is seated. The idea of developing an ad-hoc picnic planning committee was suggested. 
VI. By-Law Addendum Discussion
The Executive Committee reviewed the by-laws and felt that it is time to update the by-laws. The main items to be reviewed included:
* Terms of office
* Redistricting
* Filling Ad-Hoc Committees
The Council discussed these suggestions and suggested developing an ad-hoc by-laws committee in February, once the new Council members are seated.
VII. Set Agenda for the February 11, 1999 meeting 
 I. Seating of the 1999 New Council Members 
 II. Election of Officers 
 III. Election of Ad-Hoc Committees 
 IV. Approve the minutes from the January 14, 1999 meeting 
 V. Detailed discussion about the Staff Picnic Planning 
 VI. Present 1999 Prioritized List of Issues to Council 
 VII. Set Agenda for the March 11, 1999 meeting 
Pam Zarazee reminded the Council that the February meeting will be held on Thursday, February 11, 1999 in the Basement of Grace Hall. Also, Pam stated she would schedule a photographer to come and take the 1999 Staff Advisory Council photo at the March 11, 1999 Council meeting.
Rich Nugent shared with the Council that Pam Zarazee will be taking a Family Medical Leave in the next month, so someone else from Human Resources will be taking the minutes in her absence. 
Dan Brazo thanked the Council for everything they have done to support him as the Chair and the Council. He also acknowledged all the outgoing Council members.
Gina DeLaruelle made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Deb Fox seconded this motion. A vote was taken, and all present Council members were in favor of the motion.
Respectfully Submitted, 
Communications Committee