February 2000

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, February 24, 2000

LaFortune Student Center B Notre Dame Room
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Present: Angeliek Anderson, Debra Bennett, Jan Blazi, Dan Brazo, Emily Cassidy, Deb Fox, Norma Frost, Connie Gard, Rita Grontkowski, Beverly Harbor, Kay Herrity, Norma Mezykowski, Sue Penrod, Terron Phillips, Maria Pozzi, Marv Pruett, Samantha Qualls, Marcy Simons, Fred Sonneborn, Leona Strickland, Cindi Sykes and Melodie Wise. 
Absent: Debra Clark, Victoria Cotton, Carl Hubbard, Pam Jobin, Rose Leonardo-McMahon, Phyllis Shelton-Ball, Doris Smuda and Dona Waters.
District 10 is having a run off election.
HR Liaisons: Pam Zarazee and Wendy Mott.
Dan Brazo, Chair called the Council meeting to order at 1:08 p.m.I. Seating of New Council Members 
Dan Brazo welcomed all of the new members. The new members who were in attendance introduced themselves to the Council. Dan congratulated them in joining the Council and went through in summary how the Council runs its meetings.
II. Approval of the Monday, January 31, 2000 Minutes 
A Council member asked for a few changes to be made in the Parking Appeals Committee section. With these changes Deb Bennett made a motion to accept the January minutes and Emily Cassidy seconded. All members present voted in favor of the motion. 
III. Committee Reports 
- Elections Committee
Deb Fox reported two districts that do not have Council representatives - 10 and 18. District 10 had no self nominations the first election; a second notice was sent out to that district and nominations were received at that time. Districts 17 and 25 will go through an election because the current members can no longer stay seated on the Council.
- Executive Committee Elections 
The job description was read for the Secretary position on the Council. Nominations were open to the floor. Melodie Wise nominated Emily Cassidy.
Emily Cassidy nominated Leona Strickland. Emily will be secretary and Leona will be the back-up.
The Vice Chair job description for the position was read. Nominations were then open to the floor - Emily Cassidy nominated Melodie Wise. Leona Strickland nominated Deb Bennett, however she declined. No other nominations were made and Melodie Wise accepted. The Chair job description for the position was read. Nominations were open to the floor - Leona Strickland nominated Dan Brazo. No other nominations were made and he accepted.
Dan Brazo then asked the Council to discuss filling positions that are open on the ad hoc committees since the new election of Council members. The Elections Committee needs one person. Deb Fox gave a description of what the position entails. Norma Mezykowski accepted the position. Women's Committee needs one Council representative, but would like to wait on pursuing to fill it until all of the Council district elections are complete. Dan gave a description of what the Public Relations Committee position entails. Cindi Sykes and Connie Gard agreed to join. 
Next on the ad hoc list to fill was the new Drug Testing Committee. Dan explained that Fr. Malloy asked that 4 members of the Staff Advisory Council be on this committee which will also be filled with other employees of the University. Dan gave an idea on what the Drug Testing Committee would handle and opened it up for anyone to join this committee. Deb Bennett, Maria Pozzi, Terron Phillips, Marci Simons, Rita Grontkowski and Leona Strickland were all interested. Leona suggested to the Council to accept Terron to automatically be on the committee to represent service maintenance employees. Deb Bennett motioned to accept Leona's suggestion and Rita Grontkowski seconded. All members present voted in favor of the motion. 
The rest of the names were decided by a drawing. Leona Strickland, Rita Grontkowski and Deb Bennett will also be on the Committee.
- Communications Committee
Emily Cassidy suggested that the Communications Committee and the Promotions Committee be joined together as one committee because of the way the minutes are sent out and the communication goal for both committees is similar. It was agreed by the Council to combine the two committees into one called Communications Committee. Emily Cassidy, Phyllis Shelton-Ball, Melodie Wise, Cindy Sykes, Connie Gard and Leona Strickland will make up the committee. Since Pam Jobin was originally on one of the committees as well, but absent at this meeting, she will be offered the opportunity to join. The Promotions Committee no longer exists and the Communications Committee will stand with the new responsibilities.
- Parking Committee 
Deb Bennett gave an update on the Parking Committee. She shared with the Council some of the recommendations made for different parking situations and will keep the Council updated as those recommendations are approved. 
- Parking Appeals Committee 
Dan Brazo reported approximately 40 appeals are done each meeting. Dan shared that most of the tickets given have to do with parking lots where the individuals are not assigned to and park there anyway or the individual is not registered through Security. These are the biggest issues that the Committee deals with.
- Ad-Hoc Women's Committee 
Melodie Wise reported that two additional sessions of "Financial Matters" have been offered because of the great success it had. February 29th & March 1st were added to the schedule, as well as, possibly offering it again in the Fall. In March, the Committee will have a lunch time movie focusing on women and women's issues. There will be elections in March and the Committee is preparing their annual report. Names were drawn for openings on the Committee for non-Council members - Esther Murray, Joyce McNamey and Linda Kidder will serve as new members. The alternates are Roberta McMahon and Billie Stratton.
- Promotions Committee
This Committee has been joined with the Communications Committee. The new Communications Committee is working on a letter to go into orientation packets.- Ad-Hoc Staff Picnic Committee Openings They will meet next week for the first time 
- Ad-Hoc Committee on Drug Testing 
Covered above.
VII. Tuition Reimbursement Benefit Policy Review
Pam Zarazee presented the draft policy to the Council. She reviewed highlights that had previously been covered with the Council. Pam also covered eligibility guidelines with the Council and showed a draft copy of the application for the benefit. Discussion took place and the question was asked when will the policy be complete. Pam responded by telling the Council that communication of the benefit will begin with an article in the April StaffNews Letter. 
VIII. Staff Advisory Council Promotion Discussion 
Dan Brazo suggested with the remaining time that this go to the next meeting agenda.
IX. Redistricting Discussion
Dan Brazo asked for volunteers to serve on an ad hoc committee to look at the redistricting of what Council members represent. Leona Strickland, Deb Fox, Dan Brazo and Angeliek Anderson volunteered for this ad-hoc committee. 
Pam Zarazee read a response to the SAC from Fr. Beauchamp in response to a question that was raised regarding disposal/recycling of furniture etc. In summary, the University recycles surplus equipment by first making it available to other units on campus, secondly to units off-campus and then donated to charitable groups on a first come, first served basis through written request. Dorm furniture from Grace and Flanner Halls was redeployed on campus and to local charities, with the exception of certain pieces which were sold to a Southern Indiana business. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of the office furniture from recent Main Building/Grace/Flanner moves was recycled on campus and some equipment disposed of due to the safety risks involved with reuse. With respect to equipment donations, the University is currently working with approximately 20 charitable organizations. Many donations are made but are not publicized. If an employee is aware of a charitable organization's need, the employee is asked that a letter to that end be provided through the University Chaplain, a church or organization.
Regarding the Annual Report - Rita Grontkowski suggested a change and Pam Zarazee corrected the spelling of Sabine Taras' name. Pam offered Human Resources services to copy and distribute the report and requested enough time to work on it. Jan Blazi will make the appropriate changes and send to Human Resources for distribution.A new Council photo will be taken March 9th at the next regular Council meeting.X. Set agenda for the Thursday, March 9, 2000 Meeting 
I. Photograph of the 2000-2001 Staff Advisory Council
II. Approval of the Thursday, February 24, 2000 Minutes
III. Committee Reports
- Elections Committee
- Communications Committee (Promotions of the Council)
- Parking Committee
- Parking Appeals Committee
- Women's Committee
- Ad-Hoc Staff Picnic Committee
- Ad-Hoc Committee on Drug Testing
- Ad-Hoc Redistricting Committee
IV. Discuss Priority List for Council 
V. Set Agenda for Thursday, April 13, 2000 Meeting
Deb Bennett made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 3:00 p.m. and Deb Fox seconded the motion. All present Council members voted in favor of the motion.
Communications Committee