March 2001


Thursday, March 8, 2001 

Notre Dame Room, LaFortune Student Center 
Present: Debra Bennett, Dona Coggins, Deb Fox, Norma Frost, Stephanie Maenhout, Bobbi McMahon, Nancy Mitchell, Maria Pozzi, Marv Pruett, Samantha Qualls, John Saylor, Fred Sonneborn, Kathy Stopczynski, Leona Strickland, Cyndi Sykes and Melodie Wise. 
Absent: Connie Gard, Kay Herrity, Rita Grontkowski, Pam Jobin, Rick Kane, Wanda Lansford, Norma Mezykowski, Lou Parks, Terron Phillips, Valerie Schroeder, and Doris Smuda. District # 11 and #22 are currently unrepresented. 
HR Liaisons: Sarah Misener and Pam Zarazee. 
Melodie Wise, Chair called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. Melodie welcomed two of the new members, Stephanie Maenhout, District #9 and John Saylor, District #1. 
I. Approval of the Thursday, February 22, 2001 Council Minutes 
A Council member stated that Coleman-Morse was misspelled in the draft of the minutes. Leona Strickland made a motion to accept the Thursday, February 22, 2001 minutes with the above change. Samantha Qualls seconded this motion. A vote was taken and all present Council members were in favor of this motion. 
II. Committee Reports 
- Elections Committee 
Deb Fox shared with the Council that a second self-nomination was sent out to the following districts #3, #7, #11, #15, #19, #27, and #29. If there are no self-nominations in these districts the district will go unrepresented. Deb added that currently district #23 is having a run-off election. In addition, Deb shared with the Council that John Saylor will represent district #1, Leona Strickland will represent district #5, Stephanie Maenhout will represent district #9, Kathy Stopczynski will represent district #17, and Wanda Lansford will represent district #21. 
Melodie Wise asked the Council to discuss the idea of postponing officer elections within the Council until the April meeting. This will allow all new members to be seated on the Council. The Council agreed that elections can wait until the April meeting. Melodie shared with the Council that the Secretary/Treasurer will be stepping down. 
- Executive Committee 
Nothing to report at this time. 
- Promotion Committee 
Nothing to report at this time. Melodie did inform the Council that there will be three vacancies to fill on this committee. 
- Parking Committee 
Nothing to report at this time. 
- Parking Appeals Committee 
Nothing to report at this time. 
- Ad-Hoc Committee on Women's Issues 
Bobbi McMahon reminded the Council that the Women's Fair will be held next Wednesday, March 14th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the LaFortune Student Center. The fair will consist of a number of vendors that will range from cooking demonstrations, gardening tips, and financial planning information. Information on this event was sent to all employees in today's mail. 
Bobbi also shared with the Council that the May lecture series will feature Teresa Ghilarducci, Associate Professor, Economics. Date and time will be forthcoming. 
Melodie Wise reminded the Council that the Ad-Hoc Committee on Women's Issues Committee will have two vacancies. 
- Ad-Hoc Committee on Drug Testing 
Nothing to report at this time. Sarah Misener told the Council she would follow-up with the appropriate University administrator to check on the status of this committee. 
- Ad-Hoc Redistricting Committee 
Nothing to report at this time. Kathy Stopczynski voiced interest in serving on this ad-hoc committee. 
- Web Page Update 
Samantha Qualls shared with the Council that the web page is currently up to date. 
- StaffNews Article 
Nothing to report at this time. 
III. Further discussion on the April open meeting 
The open meeting discussion has been postponed due to the full Council not being seated. The Council agreed to table this discussion until the April meeting. 
IV. Miscellaneous discussion 
A Council member brought up the issue of the shuttle service offered across campus. The Council discussed the issue. Melodie Wise suggested to the Council that they consider having the appropriate University administrator(s) come to a Council meeting to the shuttle service. Sarah Misener stated that she would arrange for Phil Johnson, Assistant Director, Security/Police and Chris Carlin, Director of Administrative Services to come and inform the Council about the shuttle service on campus. 
Sarah Misener also stated that she will arrange for a member of the Athletic Department to attend a Council meeting to discuss the issue of faculty being included in athletic opportunities that staff is not asked to participate in. 
A Council member recommended that Notre Dame explore the idea of partnering up with St. Joseph Medical Center on their sick bay childcare operation. Melodie Wise handed out information on the sick bay childcare operation and asked the Council to review it for discussion at the next meeting. 
Sarah Misener followed up with the Council on their question about changes in the educational benefits for children attending Saint Mary's College. Sarah stated to the Council that on December 5th a memo was sent to all faculty and staff explaining the two new eligibility requirements in this benefit. They include: 1) A dependent child must be the employee's birth or adopted child, i.e., stepchildren are not included, and 2) that the child must be dependent on the employee for her full financial support and must be able to be claimed as an exemption on the employee's federal tax return. 
Sarah Misener also followed up on a Council member's question asking if Ivy Tech State College is covered under the portable benefit for children of employee's. Sarah informed the Council that at the present time Ivy Tech State College is still considered a two-year institution. However, the Department of Human Resources is in the process of seeking more information from Ivy Tech State College on if they are accredited as a four year institution. Sarah will let the Council know if the current status of Ivy Tech State College changes. 
A Council member asked if the matrix will be in place for those expecting a July 1st increase. Sarah Misener told the Council that the matrix would not be in place for the July 1st increases. The amount allocated to departments for salary increases is 4.4 percent for budget year 2001/2002. This includes the structure increase for the University that will move 2.9 percent and the additional 1.5 percent will be allocated based on performance. 
Sarah Misener informed the Council that the Employee Staff Guidebooks are completed and are planned to be distributed at various locations across campus beginning mid-March. 
The Council took some time to briefly discuss issues which included a leave for the birth of a child, short-term disability options, employment issues, and the reclassification process. 
V. Set the agenda for the April 12, 2001 meeting 
I. Approval of the Thursday, March 8, 2001 Council meeting 
II. Committee Reports 
-Election Committee 
-Executive Committee 
-Promotion Committee 
-Parking Committee 
-Parking Appeals Committee 
-Ad-Hoc Committee on Women's Issues 
-Ad-Hoc Committee on Drug Testing 
-Ad-Hoc Committee on Redistricting 
-Web Page Update 
-StaffNews Article 
III. Information Session on shuttle service or athletic information 
IV. Set Agenda for May 10, 2001 Council meeting 
Norma Frost made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:50 p.m. Deb Fox seconded this motion. A vote was taken and all present Council members were in favor of this motion. 
Promotion Committee