December 2002


Monday December 9, 2002 1:00-3:00 pm 

Grace Hall 
Promotions Committee: 
Starting in January a SAC representative will attend all Women's Committee Lunch and Learn events to show our support and answer any questions about the Staff Advisory Council. 
Parking and Shuttle Committee: 
This committee has been disbanded due to Father Scully's announcement on the parking issue. It will be reformed as needed in the future. 
Parking Appeals Committee:
Is meeting on a regular basis to review appeals 
Woman's committee: 
January 7 will be a Lunch and Learn at the Snite Museum of Art from noon to 1 pm. This committee is undergoing some leadership changes and will have new officers in place by the next meeting. 
Elections Committee: 
Districts 1 & 21 are currently unrepresented. New Elections will be held in mid January. All odd districts will hold new elections 
Father Timothy Scully, Executive Vice President was a special guest at this meeting 
Robert Foldesi Assoc. Vice President, Human Resources was also present. 
Open discussions were held on various topics. 
Some rumors that have been circulating and the Staff Advisory Council asked about the following rumors they had heard: 
The rumor has been circulating that next year Notre Dame will no longer offer the Christmas Holiday Break. This is not true Bob informed us that this is not on the table and is not under discussion. Father Scully also told us there is no truth to this rumor and there are no discussions on this issue. 
Another rumor that has been heard is that some Departments are going to reduce hours in the workweek. There is no substance to this rumor that any department is going to reduce hours in an employee's schedule. 
If you hear a rumor and want to know the truth, please contact a SAC rep. If they do not know the answer, they will get an answer and get back with you, or put you in touch with someone who can let you know the truth. Rumors can be very destructive and affect moral. Both Father Scully and Bob Foldesi encouraged us to bring the rumors forward so the truth can be told and people are not upset unnecessarily. 
The overall Budget for the university was discussed: 
Earnings from enrollment continue to be a steady factor. 
Endowment - Notre Dame has 17th largest endowment in the nation, but its cushion is decreasing due to effect of economy and the stock market. 
Benefactors - some commitments are not being kept due to economy. 
Outlook for July 1, 2003 - Very conservative 
Departments will be making their own decisions on budget cuts with some departments being asked to give money back. If an individual is impacted the University will work to relocate that person within the University. 
A Pilot Program has been offered to by some departments to allow employees age 62 or older with 10 years to opt for an early leave with a cash settlement of 2% of their income times years of service. This is strictly optional for the employee. Not all departments are participating. Decisions on the retirement need to be made by March 31, 2003. 
Individual departments chose to offer this opportunity to its employees. Exempt and Non exempt are eligible for this, but faculty is not. 
Questions concerning the program included: 
Can cash settlement be differed over a period of time to help with taxes? 
That will be looked into, no decision has been made at this point. 
Father Scully explained that the new budget will be conservative. 
New building projects will be put on hold till 100% funding is in hand. 
Some of the new budgets include uncontrollable expenses such as: 
Sewage taxes from city of South Bend 
Future IT costs 
Insurance premiums 
Father Scully expressed that the benefit package will stay strong and the education benefits will remain. The raise compensation will stay in effect but will be conservative. NO FREEZE is in place. 
Parking fees will NOT be implemented in 2003. With building on hold there will not be changes in parking at this time. The earliest for a parking fee will be July 1, 2004. When building continues parking costs will be shared by those who wish to use it. 
Over all Father Scully said, "While this will be a conservative year it will not be a ZERO year." 
Members of the SAC Committee thanked the University for the Christmas certificate noting the increase of items offered was a nice surprise. 
The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM.