February 2003

Staff Advisory Council

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Notre Dame Room, LaFortune
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Present: Martha Sue Abbott, Don Anglin, Eugene Basker, Julann Bauer, Lisa Dahlin, Becky DeBruyn, Amy Dorn, Maryellen Fetherolf, Jim Gloster, Paula Horne, Sharon Konopka, Susan McGonigal, Roberta McMahon, Angela Miller McGraw, Jane Nielson, JoAnn Norris, Terry Oxender, Marv Pruett, Samantha Qualls, Joy Schosker, Jimi Sholty, Fred Sonneborn, Irene Stines, Terrell Ward-Thomas, Holly Webb, Melodie Wise
Absent: Stephanie Maenhout
HR Liaisons: Sarah Misener, Kathy Fischer
Melodie Wise, Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. and welcomed all new members as well as returning members. All districts except one are now represented. District 4 is without a representative and she encouraged all those present to be thinking of candidates. 
Melodie explained that attendance at SAC meetings should be on a regular basis as this is an important vehicle to keep constituents better informed. The forum of each meeting is to be open to all questions or issues so that these may be dealt with efficiently and accurately. 
JoAnn Norris is the new appointee to take internal minutes at each meeting. These are abbreviated minutes that are distributed to all representatives shortly after the meeting so that they may share the information with their constituents.
Sarah Misener explained that all members will be receiving (1) a district list by building and (2) a list serve of the constituents in their respective district shortly. If anyone needs assistance in contacting those constituents without computer access, please contact Melodie or Sarah to discuss ideas. 
I. Approval of the January 9, 2002 Council Meeting Minutes
A motion was made by Jane Nielson to accept the minutes as written. Jimi Sholty seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously. 
II. Committee Reports
Sarah encouraged any SAC representatives who would like to participate on a committee, to feel free to do so.
Promotions Committee
Melodie explained that this committee, created 2 years ago to get better representation across campus, consists of 6 or more people. It meets once a month to discuss how best to communicate information to staff. Representatives for this committee will be chosen at the March Council meeting.
Parking Appeals
This committee consists of a SAC representative, 2 undergraduate students, 1 graduate student, and 2 faculty members. They meet weekly during the school year to listen to parking ticket appeals. Samantha Qualls, the SAC representative, shared with everyone a list of common parking ticket locales:
• Main Circle 
• Bookstore 
• Parking between Loftus, Joyce Center, and the stadium 
• Parking between DeBartolo and the stadium 
It was noted that the first ticket of the academic year is waived, but only if the employee contacts Security. 
Ad-Hoc Committee on Women’s Issues
This committee was created to address women’s issues in a variety of ways, including Lunch & Learns and Lecture Series. The most recent Lunch & Learns included a tour of the Snite Museum, a stadium tour, and a program on how to access library resources via computer. A fashion show will be offered in the near future showcasing business professional and business casual attire. Jimi Sholty suggested the committee sponsor a tour of RecSports, Loftus, Rolf’s, etc. to give everyone an opportunity to see how they may best utilize these facilities. 
This committee meets once a month, generally one week prior to the SAC meetings, from 1:00 to 2:30. Paula Horne, Susan McGonigal, and Holly Webb are the SAC representatives serving on this committee. Susan distributed revised Committee Guidelines. She noted that only two changes had been made from the previous Guidelines: (1) the committee will consist of a minimum of 10 staff members, 2-5 of those being from SAC; and (2) there will be no term limitation, subject to committee approval. Bobbi McMahon made a motion to accept the new Guidelines; Jimi Sholty seconded it. It was passed with a unanimous vote.
By-Laws Committee
This committee is comprised of SAC’s Executive Committee to review the By-Laws. The current committee members are Melodie Wise, President; Stephanie Maenhout, Vice President; Samantha Qualls, Secretary/Treasurer; and Sarah Misener, HR Liason.
Web Page
Samantha Qualls is responsible for updating the SAC web page. JoAnn Norris has offered to resume this responsibility, but will need to purchase the software program, Dreamweaver for her computer. This will be voted on at the March meeting.
Elections Committee
Melodie Wise and Stephanie Maenhout currently are the only members on this committee, but they will be looking for 2-3 additional SAC members. Melanie reported that she sent a preliminary mailing out to the odd numbered districts notifying them that they were up for election this year and encouraging nominations. She then sent out a second mailing requesting a vote on the nominees. All districts are now represented except for District #4.
HR Connections 
The HR Connections, replacing StaffNews, is published quarterly as both an on-line publication as well as a hard copy for those who do not have access to computers. In the next issue Melodie will list all new members of SAC.
III. Miscellaneous Discussion
Sarah and Melodie shared with the Committee a list of accomplishments that SAC achieved in 2002. (see Attachment I) 
Sarah followed up on topics that were raised at the January SAC meeting, as well as new information that she felt would be of interest to Council. These are:
Vacation Carry Over Policy
At the January meeting a discussion was held regarding the possibility of carrying over a limited number of vacation days into the next year. Sarah has asked for volunteers from SAC, HRAG, and CAAG to form a limited duration committee which would create a vacation carry-over proposal for Administration’s consideration. JoAnn Norris, Irene Stines, and Holly Webb will represent SAC. A meeting will be scheduled in the near future. 
Workers Compensation Administration and the University Health Center
It was noted that in some instances when an employee was injured on the job and went to the Health Center for treatment, they were made to feel as if they had done something wrong; sometimes they were not able to see a doctor. Maryellen Fetherolf clarified that if a patient requests to see a doctor, then the nurse will make certain that a doctor is called. Sarah discussed these concerns with Anne Kleva, University Health Center, as well as Mike McCauslin and Bob Zerr, Risk Management. Anne indicated that she will discuss these concerns with the doctors in upcoming meetings. Amy Dorn reported that she very recently went to the Health Center and had a very positive experience. 
Eugene Basker raised a concern from those employees who work overnight: who would be treating them if they had to go to the Health Center? There are no doctors that work overnight and is a registered nurse on duty? Maryellen explained that there are Registered Nurses at the Health Center. She also explained that if an individual needed to be seen by a doctor when none were on duty, then Security would be called to transport that person to an area hospital. 
SAC will invite Bob Zerr and Anne Kleva to a future SAC meeting.
Out-of-Pocket Prescription Costs
Sarah said that the Benefits Department would like feedback from SAC members on the use of brief communication pieces to provide quick tips on certain plan features. The following feedback was provided: 
• Melodie said that Medco Health’s website is very difficult to follow, although she did note that customer service via phone was very helpful. She would like to see a list of the top recognized prescribed drugs with their cost and what, if any, would be a generic substitute. 
• Jim Gloster asked if Medco could give providers a list of drugs for reference purposes.
• Who is replacing Partners at the end of 2003? Sarah explained that an RFP process would occur to determine a new vendor.
• How do we find a list of doctors and dentists in the various plans? Sarah directed them to the website of each plan or, contact Human Resources for assistance. 
• Would it be possible to offer a 2-person plan in addition to a family plan?
• It would be informative to see an information piece on the EyeMed plan and orthodontics benefits. 
Ticket Scalping
A new policy is being discussed and when adopted would deal with scalping of season tickets for athletic weekends. Ticket scalping – selling tickets for more than their face value either in person or over e-Bay – is not allowed. The original purchaser of the tickets is held ultimately responsible for those tickets. 
Loss of ticket purchasing privileges for a number of years would be the consequence for scalping. The policy would include an appeal process if someone is questioning the penalty.
Merit Increases to July 1
Sarah said that a letter went out earlier this week explaining that all those in the service areas will have their merit increases occurring once a year on July 1. Jimi Sholty expressed his constituents’ confusion and lack of understanding, causing concerns that this would be unfair to some. The question was raised whether Human Resources could provide open forums around campus explaining how this once a year increase will be put into effect. Sarah responded by indicating that supervisors and managers have been provided information to use in discussing this with employees, and Human Resources is available to assist them as necessary. SAC representatives were asked to direct employees with questions to their department management for questions.
IV. Set the Agenda for the March 20, 2003 Council Meeting
I. Group photo taken
II. Approval of the February 20, 2003 Council Minutes
III. Select members for the following committees:
Executive Committee
Promotions Committee
IV. Committee Reports
- Promotions Committee
- Parking Appeals Committee
- Ad-Hoc Committee on Women’s Issues
- By-Laws Committee
- Web Page Article
- HR Connections
- Elections Committee
V. Discussion of Vacation Carry-Over
VI. Discussion of Campus Singles Group
VII. Open Discussion
VIII. Set Agenda for April 17, 2003 Council Meeting
At 3:00 a motion was made by Jane Nielson to adjourn the Council meeting. Don Anglin seconded the motion; the motion was passed.
Respectfully Submitted,
Staff Advisory Council