May 2003

Staff Advisory Council

Thursday, May 8, 2003

Notre Dame Room, LaFortune
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
OIT Guest Speakers: Peggy Rowland and Katie Christman
Changes in OIT Representatives
- Individual departments are being asked to fund their own IT person to assist that department with computer procedures. DSS is offering to help in selecting those individuals. In replacing the DCC (Distributed Computer Consultant) program, Distributed Support Services has established list serves to communicate campus-wide announcements of any computer-related issues. They will also offer monthly technology briefings to give the campus an opportunity to learn what is new technically.
HELP Desk - 631-8111
- The Help desk has a goal to answer 90% of the questions they receive in one day or less. If they cannot help the help desk will refer your question to DSS.
Discussed how to keep ‘junk/adult’ mail from entering our e.mail inboxes.
- They suggested deleting the e.mail.
- Reporting it by going to 
- Additionally, users can setup their own filters, blacklists, and whitelists by utilizing the Email Options in the EDS.
OIT Software Services
- OIT will offer Internet 2 which would alleviate many of the pop-up commercials.
- OIT offers training sessions. Please visit
or contact Stacey Wegner at 631-8770.
- The University will no longer support W95, ME or MT due to the fact that Microsoft is 
no longer supporting these programs.
- Windows XP will be offered and is very user friendly and a very stable system.
- The OIT Solutions Center ( sells software 
programs to employees for personal use. The Notre Dame Procurement 
Department ( sells software programs for 
employees for job use only.
- OIT offers a free modem connection service for home computers, but does not recommend it due to the long dial-up connection wait. It is worth paying for a monthly internet service provider.
ND Web Mail
- Employees have access to their ND e.mail by way of the ND Webmail service located at ND’s homepage under POPULAR SITES (
- If you find Eudora to be slow you can access your mail via Netscape Messenger, Outlook Express or Outlook.
To use this service, each employee must have a NET I.D (formerly known as your AFS I.D.) which can be acquired by going to the office of OIT and showing them your ND work pass. 
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
(Closed Wednesdays 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. for Staff Meetings)
Online Support
Phone: 574-631-8111
Location: 111 Information Technology Center
- Web Mail offers many of the features that your office computer e.mail would offer, except the access to your address book. You would have to create a new address book at your home computer.
- As of next fall, the computer clusters will only allow Web Mail as the e.mail provider.
Promotions Committee: 
Did not meet – still needing a person to chair this committee. Susan McGonigal volunteered to set up the time and place for future meetings.
Parking Appeals:
The committee met and reviewed the parking appeals. The committee is composed of 2 grad students, 2 faculty and 2 staff members.
Ad-Hoc Committee on Women’s Issues:
Scheduled a “Ginger Valley Farmland Tips” seminar for June 19th. They have also scheduled a book signing/author visit based on the book “One More Sunset” by author Jim Connelly and the heroic story of Donna Jones. (
By-laws Committee:
There have not been any revisions since the last meeting, so a vote was taken to accept the final document. The vote was passed.
Web Page Article:
JoAnn has received the Dreamweaver program and password needed to work on redeveloping the SAC web page. 
HR Connections Promotions committee will work on an article for this publication
Vacation Carry Over – there was no meeting.
Final notes from Sarah Misener
- Sarah noted that SAC had been interested in getting a guest from the transporation Department and that one would be available to attend one of SAC’s meetings in July.
- Stephanie Manhout has been asked to serve on the RFP committee which is looking into a replacement for Partners Insurance. Sharon Konopka has been asked to represent SAC in the process of looking at the Employee Assistance Program.
- It was reiterated that to pursue a grievance in your department, please contact Human Resources and ask for a representative to help you. The policy manual has a clearly outlined grievance policy and those guidelines should be followed.
Agenda for June 12th meeting
- Approve minutes
- Committee reports
- Open Discussion
The meeting was adjourned