November 2003

Staff Advisory Council

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Lower Level Training Room, Grace Hall
1:00 - 3:00 p.m. 
Present: Martha Sue Abbott, Don Anglin, Maryellen Fetherolf, Jim Gloster, Paula Horne, Sharon Konapka, Susan McGonigal, Bobbi McMahon, Jane Nielson, JoAnn Norris, Terry Oxender, Marv Pruett, Barbara Robinson, Joy Schosker, Fred Sonneborn, Irene Stines, Melodie Wise, Lisa Yates
Excused Absence: Becky DeBruyn, Debby Herczeg, Stephanie Maenhout, Angela Miller-McGraw
Absent: Julann Bauer, Amy Dorn, Jimi Sholty, Terrell Ward-Thomas, Holly Webb
HR Liaisons: Cindy Ewing, Kathy Fischer, John Whelan
Melodie Wise, Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. 
I. Approval of the October 9, 2003 Council Meeting Minutes
Martha Sue Abbott made a motion to accept the October minutes as written. Terry Oxender seconded the motion. Motion passed.
II. Scott Malpass, Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Investment 
Melodie welcomed Scott Malpass who gave a presentation on Investments and the University's endowment fund. The University's pension fund is very actively managed and is continually monitored by Development. Notre Dame has the 19th largest endowment of colleges and universities in the country and has the largest catholic school endowment. When an endowment is received it is usually restricted based on the donor's wishes. He explained that one-third of endowment funds are used for scholarships. The principal in the endowment fund is not touched while approximately 10% of the interest earned on the principal is available for the general operating budget of the University. 
III. Gail Mancini, Director, Internal Communications, Public Affairs & Communication
Melodie introduced Gail Mancini who discussed the newly created campus newspaper, NDWORKS, that will be debuting on December 10 for faculty, staff, and administrators. It will be published every two weeks. The goal of this newspaper is to consolidate news for employees in one centralized publication.
Melodie asked if a space could be dedicated for SAC news in the newspaper. The intent would be to promote to campus as a whole what SAC does. There was discussion about the purpose of this publication and how SAC information may be included. Gail will send a questionnaire to SAC representatives to determine what might be of interest to them and are encouraged to distribute the survey to their constituents to complete. Representatives are asked to complete the questionnaire and return it to Melodie Wise as soon as possible.
IV. Committee Reports
Bobbie McMahon reported the committee has discussed various ways to promote SAC on campus:
. Put up posters informing campus of elections.
. Each semester send postcards to staff encouraging them to contact their SAC representative with issues. The postcard will include the SAC website and e-mail address ( A suggestion was made to provide staff with a sticker or magnet rather than a postcard; or to combine the postcard and the sticker/magnet. The Promotions committee will look into the cost of printing both.
. Create an annual or bi-annual newsletter to list accomplishments, so that staff will think of SAC in a positive manner.
. The current SAC logo needs to be updated. JoAnn Norris will have a graphic artist give us some ideas. Melodie Wise invited ideas be brought to the next meeting.
Ad-Hoc Committee on Women's Issues
There is no working password to the Women's Issues website. Melodie will contact Dean Lingley to re-define the website and see if a new password is needed.
On January 7 there will be a tour of the Snite Museum.
V. Open Discussion
The date for the December meeting has been changed to December 18 in the Notre Dame Room of LaFortune. 
The dates for 2004 SAC meetings are as follows: 
Jan. 8 - Lower Level, Grace Hall
Feb. 19 - ND Room, La Fortune
March 18 - ND Room, La Fortune
April 8 - Lower Level, Grace Hall
May 20 - ND Room, La Fortune
June 10 - ND Room, La Fortune
July 8 - ND Room, La Fortune
Aug. 12 - ND Room, La Fortune
Sept. 9 - ND Room, La Fortune
Oct. 14 - ND Room, La Fortune
Nov. 11 - ND Room, La Fortune
Dec. 9 - ND Room, La Fortune
If anyone would like to host a meeting, please contact Kathy Fischer (1-5777) and she will notify representatives of the location change.
VI. Set the Agenda for the December 18, 2003 Council Meeting
I. Approval of the November 20, 2003 Council Minutes
II. Committee Reports
- Promotions Committee
- Parking Appeals Committee
- Ad-Hoc Committee on Women's Issues
- Web Page Article
- Archive of Minutes
III. Open Discussion
IV. Set Agenda for January 8 Council Meeting 
At 3:00 p.m. a motion was made by Don Anglin to adjourn the Council meeting; motion was seconded and passed.
Respectfully Submitted,
Staff Advisory Council