January 2004

Staff Advisory Council

Monday, January 12, 2004

234 Grace Hall
1:00 – 3:00 p.m. 
Present: Martha Sue Abbott, Don Anglin, Julann Bauer, Becky DeBruyn, Maryellen Fetherolf, Jim Gloster, Debby Herczeg, Sharon Konopka, Susan McGonigal, Jane Nielson, Terry Oxender, Marv Pruett, Joy Schosker, Fred Sonneborn, Irene Stines, and Melodie Wise. 
Absent (Excused): Paula Horne, Roberta McMahon, JoAnn Norris, and Lisa Yates. 
Absent (Not Excused): Amy Dorn, Stephanie Maenhout, Angela Miller McGraw, Barbara Robinson, Jimi Sholty, Terrell Ward-Thomas, and Holly Webb.
HR Liaisons: Barbara Villarosa and John Whelan.
I. Call to Order
Melodie Wise, Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.
II. Approval of the December 18, 2003 Council Minutes
A motion to approve the minutes from the December 18, 2003 Council meeting, as presented, was made by Irene Stines, seconded by Susan McGonigal, and unanimously approved by the Council.
III. Committee Reports
Promotions Committee: In the absence of the chair, Melodie reported that the Promotions Committee did not meet and that the first order of business for the new committee will be the distribution of promotional postcards. 
Parking Appeals Committee: No report was made, due to the absence of the committee chair. 
Parking Committee: No report was made, due to the absence of the committee chair. 
John Whelan followed up on the discussion held in December and reported that the pay-for-parking issue has been put “on hold” indefinitely. 
Melodie commented positively on the new construction that began on the northeast side of campus. Completion is scheduled for January 2005.
Ad hoc Committee on Women’s Issues: In the absence of the committee chair, Melodie reported that committee elections will be held in April or May and possibly sooner, if SAC elections are completed in February. Susan McGonigal stated that the Snite Museum Tour was cancelled.
Web Page Article: In the absence of the committee chair, Melodie reported that SAC’s web page will be updated to include the November and December 2003 minutes as soon as copies are received by JoAnn. Also, if anyone is interested in taking over the responsibility of updating the web page, please inform Melodie or JoAnn. The new volunteer will be provided training on the use of Fireworks software.
Archive of Minutes: No report was made, due to the absence of the committee chair.
IV. Elections
Melodie reported that election ballots will be mailed to the even-numbered districts by January 15th. She asked representatives in those districts to let her know if ballots are not received by the first of next week. She reminded members that elected representatives can self-nominate for another term if interested.
Melodie stated that she will store the election information on a disk for the newly elected Chairperson. 
V. NDWorks Feedback From Constituents
Discussion regarding feedback from constituents was tabled until the next issue of ND Works is published.
VI. Establish Goals for 2004
Melodie requested ideas from representatives on goals for 2004. The following items were presented for further discussion and consideration:
Education/Tuition: Expand the benefit for staff and children to include two-year degrees and certificates from colleges, universities, and technical schools.
Holidays: Make Easter a paid holiday (with Monday being the holiday). Compensate workers required to work on holidays with additional days off.
Holiday Pay: Investigate the cost of providing workers with “holiday pay” and not “straight pay” when required to work on holidays, snow days, and the like. 
LTC: Understand the change regarding the new provider and any implications (i.e., coverage, premiums, tax information, etc.). 
LTD: Understand the benefit and who to contact with questions.
Medical Insurance: Broaden coverage to include 2-person in addition to single and family (3 or more).
Retirement Programs: Understand retirement programs for staff and retirees. Raise the percentages paid by the University.
Self-Service: Determine if Self-Service can be updated more timely. 
Sick Time: Develop a process for “gifting” available sick time to someone in need of additional hours due to a catastrophic illness. Investigate the possibility of paying out unused sick time upon retirement. Develop a reward system for maximizing sick time accrual.
STD: Investigate the cost of group rate insurance coverage.
Vacation Time: Develop a process for “gifting” available vacation time to someone in need of additional hours due to a catastrophic illness. Change vacation time accrual to begin with employee hire date/anniversary. Develop a policy for rolling over 2-3 days of unused vacation time to the following year.
Communications & Promotional Materials
Develop a Promotional Plan with the assistance of the Office of Public Affairs and Communications to create and improve public awareness of SAC and its initiatives (e.g., brochures, videos, new-hire information).
Develop a list of SAC responsibilities for new representatives to include meeting guidelines.
Improve communication between staff and administrators by way of CAAG and other information-sharing mediums.
Establish a schedule to meet with the Executive Vice President or other designate once or twice a year.
Employment Opportunities
? Understand the processes used to fill new and vacant positions, for promotions and transfers, and other career opportunities. 
Analyze the cost and develop a proposal to be paid bi-weekly (26 pay periods) instead of twice monthly (24 pay periods).
Develop a proposal to have the cost of Season Football Tickets payroll deducted (similar to Weight Watchers and United Way).
Know as soon as possible what the annual pay increase for staff will be effective July 2004.
10-year Master Plan (to include plans for renovation of older buildings)
Proposed Presenter: Doug Marsh
10-Year Strategic Plan 
Proposed Presenter: President’s Office Representative
Renovare: What is it?
Proposed Presenter: Craig Brummell
Professional Development (Internal Programs)
Schedule lunch-n-learns, tours, and the like at various times or after normal business hours to accommodate all staff, especially the evening and night workers. 
Reward Systems
Develop reward systems and programs for supervisors to use when recognizing staff for positive performance, such as:
- An “Employee of the Month” program.
- An “On-the-Spot-Award” process (e.g., give a food gift certificate or a parking spot for 1 week).
- A Year-long Perfect Attendance Award (e.g., extra day off with pay, extra ½ hour for lunch or leave ½ hour early).
- Other ideas based on information from the book entitled Fish or PD&L’s training materials.
VII. Open Discussion
John Whelan followed up on outstanding issues from the December meeting. He reported that the wood from vacating students is recycled by a company called Blue Spruce. The Habitat for Humanity organization has certain restrictions on wood quality, which prohibits the University from calling them. John also reported that the payroll information will be posted on Payroll’s website this month. Lastly, John stated that NDWorks will more than likely be distributed to all University retirees. The logistics are still being worked out. 
VIII. Set Agenda for February 19, 2004 Council Meeting
I. Call to Order
II. Approval of the January 12, 2004 Council Minutes
III. Elections
IV. Committee Reports
- Promotions Committee
- Parking Committee
- Parking Appeals Committee
- Ad hoc Committee on Women’s Issues
- Web Page Article
- Archive of Minutes
V. NDWorks Feedback from Constituents
VI. Review Goals for 2004
VII. Open Discussion
VIII. Set Agenda for March 18, 2004 Council Meeting
IX. Adjournment
IX. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn was made by Susan McGonigal, seconded by Don Anglin, and unanimously approved by the Council. With no further business to come before the Council, the meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara A. Villarosa