July 2004

Staff Advisory Council Minutes 

Thursday, July 15, 2004

1:00-3:00 p.m., Notre Dame Room, LaFortune
Present: Don Anglin, Dawn Bell, Bettye Bielejewski, Lisa Buckland, Karen Casey, Maryellen Fetherolf, Jim Gloster, Annette Klimek, Barbara Klowetter, Sharon Konopka, Stephanie Maenhout, Susan McGonigal, Jane Nielson, Joy Schosker, Kathy Stopczynski, Holly Webb, Troy Webb
Absent (Excused): Becky DeBruyn, Sharon Harwell, Bobbi McMahon, Irene Stines, Lisa Yates
Absent (Not Excused): Julann Bauer, Jennifer Ihns, Angela Miller McGraw, Tony Williams
HR Liaisons: John Whelan, Kathy Fischer
I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 1:05 p.m. by chairperson, Stephanie Maenhout.
Stephanie announced that Denise Murphy, Office of Human Resources, would give a presentation on national Benefits Trends.
II. Approval of the June 10, 2004 Council Minutes
Stephanie requested a change be made in the June minutes to reflect moving three representatives from Absent (Not Excused) to Absent (Excused). These are Angela Miller-McGraw, Jane Nielson, and Holly Webb. A motion to accept the minutes as corrected was made by Jane Nielson and seconded by Don Anglin. The minutes were unanimously approved.
III. Committee Reports
Elections: Elections are being conducted for Districts 21 and 27 and Stephanie will announce the new representatives at the August meeting.
Promotions: Susan McGonigal reported that the committee has not met recently. She distributed a proposed informational tri-fold introducing SAC and its purpose. It was approved by those representatives present.
Budget Discussion: Stephanie reported that SAC’s budget of $1,000 had been reduced to $500 due to lack of utilization. SAC exceeded this budget amount by $100; the Office of Human Resources picked up the difference.
Parking Appeals: No activity to report. 
Parking Committee: Stephanie Maenhout reported the committee has met once since summer started. She feels the committee will be meeting in the near future as there have been numerous parking violations in “A” lots. 
Women’s Issues: Susan McGonigal announced that a tour of Joyce Center will be held July 16 at noon and she encouraged anyone interested in a behind-the-scenes tour to attend.
Benefits Committee: Susan McGonigal explained the interest the Benefits Team had on benefits trends nationwide and asked Denise Murphy from the Benefits group of the Office of Human Resources provided a presentation. Denise introduced Violet Bloom, Benefits Manager. 
Denise responded to questions posed to her from the Benefits Committee prior to today’s meeting as well as questions from the floor. 
• Will social security numbers be eliminated from medical cards? Denise explained that Benefits is working with all the benefit providers in the process of eliminating social security numbers on all medical cards. The North American PPO and HMO and Delta Premier currently do not show a complete social security number. By September, Advantage will have removed social security numbers from their cards, and Medco will be removing social security numbers by spring, 2005.
• How to use Medco’s website. Denise distributed information on how to navigate the Medco website as well as information on the Prescription Drug plan. She pointed out that if an employee wishes to apply any mail order prescriptions to their flexible spending account, they must submit a copy of the entire drug information sheet.
• Pension Plan Participant Letter. Denise explained that a letter was sent to employees to provide a projection of what an employee’s pension might be. She explained that certain assumptions need to be made in order to reach the projected dollar amount. Denise offered to provide on-site visits to groups who wish further explanations. 
• Why do some home-delivery drugs cost more than from the pharmacy? Violet explained that Medco’s drug prices can be found on Medco’s website and suggested people to compare those prices with prices at their local pharmacy. 
• Does the University foresee providing the ability to purchase drugs from Canada? No. Notre Dame is exploring the possibility of joining a coalition of universities that will enable us to provide prescription drugs at cheaper rates.
• Are mammograms covered? Mammograms are covered, but you need to use the appropriate location identified in your benefit plan. Check your policy for locations that insurance will cover; or you may call the number on the back of your card.
Denise shared a power point presentation describing Benefits Trends nationwide and how those trends compare to Notre Dame.
IV. Open Discussion
At 2:00 John Whelan, Denise Murphy and Violet Bloom excused themselves from the meeting in order to attend a previously scheduled Human Resources department meeting. 
Troy Webb voiced concern with the lack of an explanation as to salary increases. There was concern that everyone on campus received the same raise regardless of performance reviews. 
Susan McGonigal questioned why SAC and the Ad hoc Committee on Women’s Issues has to pay Human Resources for labels since both groups are part of Human Resources.
A discussion was held regarding SAC’s participation at the August luncheon. It was decided that the SAC tri-fold created by Susan McGonigal be put on all tables. Stephanie asked representatives to arrive 20 minutes earlier than the beginning of the luncheon to help distribute the tri-folds at each table.
Jim Gloster shared with the group how helpful one of the ombudsmen was to an employee in his district. He suggested that the ombudsmen attend a future SAC meeting to explain their purpose and how they might offer assistance to employees. Stephanie made note of the suggestion and will ask one or all of them to speak at a future meeting.
VI. Adjournment
Without further business by the Council, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Human Resources