November 2004

Staff Advisory Council Minutes 

Thursday, November 11, 2004

1:00-3:00 p.m., Notre Dame Room, LaFortune
Present: Don Anglin, Dawn Bell, Bettye Bielejewski, Karen Casey, Becky DeBruyn, Maryellen Fetherolf, Jim Gloster, Annette Klimek, Barb Klowetter, Sharon Konopka, Stephanie Maenhout, Joy Schosker, Irene Stines, Kathy Stopczynski, Holly Webb, Troy Webb, Lisa Yates 
Excused: Jennifer Ihns, Susan McGonigal, Bobbi McMahon, Jane Nielson 
Non Excused: Julann Bauer, Janice Owens, Tony Williams
HR Liaisons: Sarah Misener, Kathy Fischer 
•  Call to Order 
The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Stephanie Maenhout. 
•  Approval of the October 14, 2004 Council Minutes 
The minutes should reflect that Lisa Buckland had an "Excused Absence" rather than "Unexcused". Irene Stines made a motion the minutes be approved following that one change. The motion was seconded and the minutes were approved. 
•  Guest speaker 
Doug Marsh, University Architect, updated the group on the long-term Campus Plan focusing on the closing of Juniper Road and construction of the new north/south road; construction of new academic buildings, new residence halls, and Notre Dame Inn; and development of the Town Commons on the south end of campus and realignment of Edison Road. A more detailed explanation of the Campus Plan may be viewed at the University Architect's website at . 
Doug addressed the question as to expansion of the power plant. There are plans to add to it. Existing underground pipes are being replaced with larger ones and a new boiler is needed. 
•  Committee Reports 
Promotions Committee 
No new business. 
Parking Appeals Committee 
No new business. 
Ad hoc Committee on Women's Issues 
The holiday decorating lunch & learn was well received. In January there will be a tour of the Snite Museum . 
Benefits Committee 
No new business. 
Web Page 
Links have been added to related sites. 
•  Open Discussion 
Sarah Misener was invited to the meeting to explain Human Resource's role in the hiring process for campus positions. Human Resources' hiring procedure is as follows: 
•  Identify open job 
•  Encourage manager to review position description and revise if necessary. 
•  This position description is sent to Human Resources accompanied by a position funding verification form. The position cannot be posted without the position funding verification form. 
•  The position is posted on the Notre Dame internal website for a minimum of five days before it is opened to the public. (Although HR encourages internal prior to external posting, occasionally hiring managers ask that the postings be done simultaneously.) 
•  HR recruiters forward resumes to the hiring manager, participate in interviewing, assist with reference checks, and help keep candidates informed as to what their status is. 
•  The hiring manager makes a decision and informs HR. 
Question: Can an employee ask why they were not offered a job to which they applied? 
Answer : Yes. Remember there may be a large applicant pool for each opening. 
Question: Is there anything that can be done with a decision you don't agree with? 
Answer: HR generally does not over-ride a hiring manager's decision but attempts to guide hiring managers in the correct process. If an employee has a concern with a hiring decision, they are encouraged to contact Employment. 
Question: Sometimes it appears that a hiring manager has a candidate in mind before the position is posted or the new position is filled before it's ever been posted. Why? 
Answer: In this situation, hiring managers are expected to post the open position, and review and consider qualified internal candidates. 
Question: Does HR screen applications before sending to hiring manager? 
Answer: Yes, HR screens applications based on the qualifications required for the position, as discussed with the hiring manager. 
Question: Sometimes temporaries are brought in and are later offered the position when it becomes available. Why and how does this happen? 
Answer: As mentioned earlier, hiring managers cannot simply hire the temporary employee. They are expected to post and consider internal applicants. Further, employees who wish to be considered should communicate that interest to the hiring manager, and HR encourages the hiring manager to talk to employees within their own unit who express an interest in the position. 
•  Adjournment 
With no further topics to discuss a motion was made to adjourn. The motion was seconded and passed. 
Respectfully submitted, 
Human Resources