October 2005

Staff Advisory Council
Thursday, October 13th, 2005
1:00-3:00 p.m., Notre Dame Room, LaFortune



Present: Bettye Bielejewski, Lisa Buckland, Karen Casey, Becky deBruyn, Maryellen Fetherolf, Paul Hendershott, Michael Huffer, Jennifer Ihns, Kevin Jones, Penny McIntire, Bobbi McMahon, Christy Miller, Joy Schosker, Diana Singleton, Kathy Stopczynski

Excused:  Joan Costa, Annette Klimek, Sharon Konopka, Shannen Mears, Jane Nielson, John Whelan, Tony Williams

Unexcused:  None

HR Liaisons:  Jessica Lambourne, Karen Kirby


I.  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Kathy Stopczynski.

II.  Approval of the September 8, 2005 Council Minutes

Diana Singleton made a motion to accept the minutes; Joy Schosker seconded it.  Motion passed.

III.  Committee Reports

Promotions Committee

Christy Miller shared that members of the Promotions Committee are still working on the new brochure.  They are hoping that a mock-up will be completed this week.

Parking Appeals Committee

Lisa Buckland reminded committee members that temporary parking passes need to be requested, in writing, by the employee’s supervisor.  A concern was raised regarding employees who work on game days and need to punch in and out at the Mason Support Services Center – the parking spaces are all taken so employees can’t get quickly in and out to use the time clocks.  Also, a concern was raised about the time is going to be moved to one hour earlier for roads around campus that are turned into one-way streets or closed completely on game days. 

Web Page

Christy Miller has updated the website with all of the information that she currently has.

Benefits Committee

Jennifer Ihns said that the committee has not been meeting due to benefits packages going out and open enrollment, so there is no information to relay at this time. Meetings will resume in a month or so.  Jennifer shared the list of who is currently on the Benefits committee.  Jennifer will share information becomes available and as she is able.

Election Committee

Jennifer Ihns mentioned that Sherrie Daniel has resigned from the University, so there is a need for a new representative for that district, which is an odd-numbered district.  Jennifer will send ballots to that district.   

Ad hoc Women’s Committee

Kathy S. shared that Jessica Brookshire contacted her regarding the idea that the Women’s Committee separate from SAC.  The committee has been setup as an ad hoc committee to SAC, but they would like to be able to invite exempt employees to their meetings.  Attendance has grown, but they would like to be able to increase membership, and can’t do that without including exempt employees.  There was some discussion as to whether or not the two committees really help each other.  It was recommended that a proposal be put forward to allow the Women’s Committee to separate from SAC and then to take a vote.  The Women’s Committee will need to take the necessary steps to become a recognized committee on campus.  

IV.  Additional Business

  • Questions were raised about the SAC budget – is there one?  How much is it?
  • Questions were raised about changes in the frequency of paychecks for staff employees.  Karen Kirby explained that meetings have been scheduled for the beginning of November to explain the changes to managers and then to the employees who will be impacted.  Information regarding those meetings will go out soon. 
  • NITA will no longer be in South Bend, as of July 2006.  This has created another open district.  It was decided that the smaller groups in this district will be absorbed by other districts for the time being, until elections can be held in January.  Holy Cross Hall will be absorbed by the Food Services district, and GEM will be absorbed by District #7.  District 24 will be left as an open district for the time being.  
  • Jennifer Ihns suggested that districts be looked at and that consideration is given to shuffling some of them to assure that all areas of campus are covered.
  • Kathy S. asked for questions/concerns to be given to John Affleck-Graves and Bob McQuade for the November 10 meeting.  A list of questions will be submitted to them prior to the meeting.
    • SAC members like the picnic rather than the lunch.  Also, what happened to the awards?
    • Can they discuss the current distribution of pay raises?
    • There is concern that temporary positions are being used in place of unfilled regular positions.  Is the University using this as away to not hire and pay benefits?  Can they clearly define the policy for on-call and temporary employees?
    • Would Bob be willing to share his big picture goals for the next year or two?

V.  Adjournment

With no further topics to discuss a motion was made to adjourn.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Human Resources