March 2006

Staff Advisory Council Minutes 

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

1:00-3:00 p.m., Notre Dame Room, LaFortune                                                                                                                                    
Present:  Maureen Marnocha, Lorie Marsh, Penny McIntire, Jennifer Ihns, Christy Miller, Bobbi McMahon, Joy Schosker, John Mackowicz, Patricia Smith, Sharon Konopka, Frederick Sonneborn, Diana Singleton, Kathy Stopczynski, Kevin Jones, Peggy VanKirk, Paul Hendershott, Linnie Caye, Kathy Troth, MaryEllen Fetherolf, George Young
Excused:  Michael Huffer  
Unexcused: Shannen Mears
Visitor: Doug Marsh
HR Liaisons:  John Whelan, Jessica Lambourne
I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Kathy Stopczynski. 
II. Special Presentation:  Road Closures, presented by Doug Marsh, University Architect
Doug shared information about the upcoming road closures and future plans for roads, parking lots, etc. on campus. Additional information and updates are accessible on the Web at
III. Approval of the November 10, 2005 and February 9, 2006 Council Minutes 
Bobbi McMahon made a motion to approve the November 10, 2005 Minutes; Jennifer Ihns seconded the motion.  Christy Miller made a motion to approve the February 9, 2006 Minutes; Linnie Caye seconded the motion.
IV. Committee Reports
George Young volunteered to be a member of the Promotions Committee.  The Redistricting Committee (new committee formed for a short-term project) will include Jennifer Ihns, MaryEllen Fetherolf, and Joy Schosker. 
Promotions Committee
All members of the districts not involved in the recent elections have been sent brochures.  No additional news to report.
Parking Appeals Committee
No word from Lisa Buckland about anything that needs to be shared.
Benefits Committee
No report given.
Women's Committee
Linnie Caye volunteered to represent SAC on the Women’s Committee.  Patricia Smith is also serving on the Women’s Committee.
Web Committee 
Everything on the web is current information.  Recent minutes have been posted.  A picture of the committee to be posted on the Web will be taken at the April meeting.
V. Election of Officers
Ballots were submitted to Diana Singleton.  Members must have been on SAC for one year to serve as an officer.  The results are:
      Chair – Kathy Stopczynski
      Vice Chair – Christy Miller
      Secretary – Bobbi McMahon
Kathy thanked Jennifer Ihns and Sharon Konopka for their service over the past year.
VI. Approval of Year-end Report
It was suggested that the Year-end Report be added to the ND Works article when the picture is published.  Sharon Konopka made a motion to accept the report; Diana Singleton seconded the motion.
VII. Additional Business
A request was made to have the approved minutes sent out within a week.  Agendas and draft minutes will be sent out closer to the time of the next meeting. 
Christy Miller needs a list of all new representatives and their contact information.  
Michael Huffer’s district suggested that those who volunteer for community service should be able to use up to 5 days of sick leave to do so.  John Whelan will pass the suggestion along.  
Questions were raised about sick time and the Bereavement (actually “Funeral”) Policy.  Paychecks actually say “Bereavement.”  John Whelan will check into that.  What about travel time?  What about a good friend that is closer than family?  The purpose of the policy is to help employees get to funerals and allow them to use less personal/vacation time.  It was pointed out that the policy has changed (for the better) in the past few years.  Although the policy is administered differently across campus, it is not intended to be at the manager’s discretion.  The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) does not generally apply in funeral situations. 
The letter from SAC regarding the merit awards program was received by President Jenkins and others it was sent to.  
There will be no changes to the Vacation Policy other than the way that vacation is banked.  The focus group came to this decision.  They are working on a way for vacation hours to be tracked on pay stubs.
There is a concern that Disabled Parking Permits are being used by those who are not disabled, or that expired permits are being used.  If you are concerned that a permit is being misused, please contact Notre Dame Security/Police.     
The SAC email account received an email from a writer for the Irish Rover requesting information.  This will be discussed at a future SAC meeting.  
V. Adjournment
With no further topics to discuss, Bobbi McMahon made a motion to adjourn.  The motion was seconded by Christy Miller, and passed.
Respectfully submitted,
Human Resources 
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