April 2007

Staff Advisory Council

Thursday, April 19, 2007

1:00 – 3:00 p.m., 234 Grace Hall


Present: Maureen Marnocha, Penny McIntire, Paula Muhlherr, Amie Davis, Joy Schosker, John Mackowicz, Marie Chavez Revak, Patricia Smith, Sharon Konopka, Frederick Sonneborn, Diana Singleton, Kathy Stopczynski, Kevin Jones, Janice Owens, Kathy Troth, Joe Wheeler, Barb Wadley  


Excused: Lorie Marsh, Bobbi McMahon


Unexcused: Peggy VanKirk, Paul Hendershott


HR Liaison: John Whelan


  • Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Patty Smith.


  • Approval of March 8, 2007 Council Minutes

Kathy Stopczynski made a motion to approve the minutes and Diana Singleton seconded.


  • Committee Reviews

By-laws Committee

The by-laws need to be reviewed every two years.  SAC will need four members to review the by-laws by the end of May 2007.


Election Committee

This committee does not need to be formed until the end of 2007 in order to handle the next SAC elections in the beginning of 2008


Promotions Committee 

The next event will be the Staff Picnic this summer.  SAC members will contact their supervisors to see if their departments can donate prizes to be used in the SAC raffle at the picnic.


Redistricting Committee 

This committee has recently reviewed the SAC districts.  There is currently no need to add any members to this committee.


Webpage Committee 

Joy Schosker is scheduled to take training for webpage design.  Christy Miller continues to help update the webpage.


Benefits Committee 

Joe Wheeler gave an update about the health risk questionnaire that is being considered by the University.  Denise Murphy, Director of Compensation and Benefits in HR, will be attending the next meeting to discuss other benefits topics.


Parking Appeals Committee 

Kevin Jones continues to represent SAC on this committee.  The committee met last week to review appeals.  They will meet again one more time before graduation.


Ad Hoc Parking Committee 

Phil Johnson and Jeff Korros will attend the next SAC meeting to discuss various parking issues that have been raised.


Compassion Fund Committee

Lorie Marsh attended the committee’s first meeting.  Two awards were made to employees from the Compassion Fund.


IV.         Additional Business

  • Rewards and Recognition:
    • Jessica Brookshire, Manager of Total Rewards in HR, attended the meeting to share an initiative for recognizing teamwork by staff and administrators.
    • The proposed event would recognize teams of employees at the seven Notre Dame home football games based on their accomplishments.  The honorees will be chosen by a selection committee made up of employees from different departments and grade levels based on an identified set of criteria.
    • Many details still need to be addressed, and Jessica used the meeting to ask for feedback from the SAC members.  Once the program is finalized, the specifics will be communicated across campus.


  • ND Voice:
    • John Affleck-Graves and Bob McQuade met with SAC to discuss the results of the ND Voice survey and answer questions.
    • John Affleck-Graves started by thanking SAC for their participation in the survey and for providing questions to be included in the survey.  He also expressed commitment on behalf of Tom Burish and Fr. John Jenkins. 
    • Bob McQuade then walked through some of the survey questions from the survey and answered questions from the members of SAC.
    • Bob and John explained that each department on campus will be taking their own data and creating a process for sharing the information and developing action plans.
    • Bob and John emphasized that the survey will be worthless if there are not actions taken to address the most serious issues raised in the survey.
    • One suggestion from a member of SAC was to create small group meetings where senior management could meet with employees in an informal setting, possibly lunch, so that they won’t feel as unapproachable. 
    • One SAC member asked about the University possibly using 360 degree reviews so that employees could give feedback on their supervisors. 
    • John said that he believes the two biggest issues are for supervisors to give honest feedback and to create a culture where people feel more comfortable speaking up.


V.          Adjournment

With no further topics to discuss, Penny McIntire made a motion to adjourn at 3:00 p.m.  The motion was seconded by Diana Singleton and passed.


Respectfully submitted,


Human Resources