December 2010

                                                                               Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, December 9, 2010  1:00 p.m.

LaFortune Student Center


Present:          Barb Wadley, Marie Revak, Lisa Turner, Peggy Lant, Joe Negri, Sandy Sarber, Kathy Seymour, Char-anna Koblick, Kathy Troth, Joe Wheeler, Shari Herman, Diana Singleton, Patty Smith, Fred Sonneborn, Penny McIntire

Excused:         Tami Springer, Jody Klontz, Roxie Literral, Adele Almaguer,


HR Liaison:    Mark Kocovski


I.Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:04 p.m. by Patty Smith.   


Approval of October 2010 Council Minutes


Minutes were approved - motion by Joe Negri and 2nd by Char-anna Koblick


II.Sarah update:


Sarah, Director HR Consultants and Shared Services, present to address previous concern on funeral leave and 2 pieces of justification on the leave.  Policy allows the department to use discretion on the required documentation.  Sarah has not heard of more than 2 pieces of documentation being required across campus. 


Sarah says whoever had situation with the funeral leave receiving an occurrence, should contact the HR Consultant. 


Questions were raised around the HRC being supportive of management rather than supportive of all staff.  There is the appearance that HRC is close with the managers.  Need to get closer to the staff.  Sarah describes that HRC group is getting out to work side by side with staff to be more visible and available.  HRC’s are out on campus more than in HR/Grace Hall. There are things that go on behind the scenes to help the employees that HRC’s do to help all employees.


People have questioned confidentiality of having the HRC at Building Services.  Managers can see you going to see her.  Perhaps it would be easier to see the person over in Grace. 


Sarah is asked why HRC in Mason Center?    As a large gathering space for employees, it was a convenience factor to have HRC in the building. 


Has HR discovered that there are valid issues and concerns that have been raised and are you working on them?  Sarah replied that  she can assure that issues have been valid and we are working on them.


What about switching out business partners on a rotational basis? 


Sarah addresses the rumor raised last month about limiting sick time.  Sarah says sick time being maxed out at 80 hours is just not true.


A discussion was held regarding occurrences for one minute tardies.  People are not happy with that.  There is a divide in the group regarding those who clock in and those who do not.  Sarah responds we are taking a benchmarking check to see how we stack up in the occurrence realm.


People make the statement that in general HR needs to look at consistency in different areas of campus.


Denise Murphy, Director of Compensation and Benefits, was present to distribute two updated policies

1)     Length of service policy.

There was a question about sick time that prompted a review of the policy and practice in situations where someone left employment with Notre Dame and then came back.  Previously, we did not reinstate sick banks, but we did some benchmarking to see what others do.  As a result, the policy is changed to say that   if you come back to Notre Dame within 12 months the sick bank is fully restored.


2)     Holiday policy: 

Updated to make sure that the holiday pay is actual income replacement for days that are holidays.


Denise stated that we continue to review all the policies proactively and benchmark them in the marketplace.


Scott Malpass, VP and Chief Investment Officer will be here in January to talk about the pension plan.


III.Committee Updates


Benefits Committee

Meeting last week and that is all to report


Parking Appeals/Parking

 14 appeals this month and 1 was overturned


Promotions Committee

Goal is to meet with woman in Plymouth next week. Just want to take a sample back to the schools to show what it looks like.


Think about promotion/PR for SAC to discuss in January.


Webpage Committee

            There are issues because of software upgrade.



Nothing to report


Compassion Fund

One request was granted to an employee for $900.



They are over and there are no runoffs.

One supervisor said no to the person elected. 

7, 15, 21, or 9 could be unrepresented.

Perhaps people could volunteer to cover NDH and Landscaping.


IV.New Business

YPR pension problems.  A few people have not received it, and should contact 1-5900.  The same is true if people lost the letter. 




Motion to adjourn at 2:55 by Sheri Herman and 2nd by Char-anna Koblick.


Have a great Holiday break!