December Minutes 2011

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, December 8, 2011 1:00 p.m.

LaFortune Student Center


Present:          Joe Negri, Diana Singleton, Jan Solkey, James Stevens, Jean Rinehart, Joe Wheeler, Jody Klontz, James Stevens, Patty Smith, Kathy Troth, Char-anna Koblick, Barb Wadley, Kathy Seymour, Marie Revak, Janice Tabb, Peggy Lant



Excused:         Sandy Sarber, Adele Almaguer

Unexcused:     Tammy Springer

HR Liaison:    Lori Maurer


I.Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:03 p.m. by Patty Smith    


Approval of November 2011 Council Minutes


Minutes were approved with revisions - motion by Char Koblick and 2nd by James Stevens


II.Committee Updates


Benefits Committee

Nothing to report


Parking Appeals

There have been 2 meetings and the committee reviews 10-15 appeals per month.


Ad Hoc Parking

Nothing to report


Promotions Committee

Nothing to report


Compassion Fund

There were 2 requests in the last month.  One was denied and one is pending.  Kathy Troth, committee member, distributed the new form and guidelines for the fund.


Webpage Committee

Three members of SAC attended the training offered by The Office of Public Affairs and Communication to assist departments in using the new University branding requirements on web sites.   Human Resources provided the funding for the web publishing software.



Nothing to report


Elections Committee

Ballots and nomination forms went out this past week to even and unrepresented groups.  New representatives will start in January or February.  To ensure accuracy, it was requested that SAC asks employees to revise their campus addresses on Inside ND, if needed.


There was some discussion on which buildings belong in the districts so this review will continue.



III.               New Business

The meeting schedule for 2012 was distributed.  Some meetings will be held in the Law School due to some renovation work being done in LaFortune over the summer.  In addition, the May and December dates were moved in order to find a location.


A question was raised about employees “opting out” of donation requests from the University such as United Way and Development.  Since United Way is one of a few charitable initiatives the University supports the leadership wants all employees to be able to make their own choice on donating.  Development generates donation letters from the list of employees from Human Resources.  The process of allowing employees to “opt out” would be labor intensive.  


A question was raised regarding the issuing of paper checks for the Christmas bonus.  Why not direct deposit?  There are some non-exempt employees that do not have direct deposit.  Also, the feeling is that people might appreciate getting a check, realizing it is something extra.  A direct deposit might not be noticed.


Thanks to James Stevens for the treats he brought to the meeting!



IV.Old Business

Students are still parking in faculty/staff spaces in D-6.  Employees are encouraged to contact NDSP if they see this happening.


The water puddle situation in the Library lot has been rectified.


A SAC representative discussed with Jeff Korros, NDSP, that students may start parking in the Library lot when D-2 is shut down for the Wellness Center construction during the Spring 2012 Semester.  Jeff will monitor the situation.




Motion to adjourn at 2:30 by Kathy Seymour and 2nd Jean Rinehart.