March 2010

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, March 11, 2010  1:00 p.m.

LaFortune Student Center


Present:          Tami Springer, Roxie Litteral, Diana Singleton, Kathy Troth, Sandy Sarber, Char-anna Koblick, Barb Wadley, Jody Klontz, Marie Revak, Patty Smith, Fred Sonneborn, Peggy Lant, Bill Peck, Joe Negri, Kathy Seymour

Excused:         Penny McIntire, Shari Herman, Adele Almaguer, Joe Wheeler



HR Liaison:   Lori Maurer


I.Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:03 p.m. by Patty Smith

SAC welcomed new members Joe Negri, district #20, Peggy Lant, district #18, and Kathy Seymour, district #13.


Approval of February 2010 Council Minutes

Minutes were approved - motion by Kathy Troth and 2nd by Diana Singleton


II.Committee Updates


Elections Committee

Nothing to report


Benefits Committee

            Nothing to report


By-laws Committee

Nothing to report


Parking Appeals/Parking

Nothing to report


Fee Based Parking Committee

Nothing to report


Promotions Committee

There was an update on the Operation Quiet Comfort jean drive.  The event was successful with approximately 270 jeans collected from the campus boxes.  The next step will be to cut the jeans into 6 x 6 squares.  A group of employees will meet on Monday after work in the Library to cut the jeans.  A decision will be made at the April SAC meeting about how to get the squares signed by employees.  The signed squares will then be turned over to Operation Quiet Comfort to be made into quilts.



The committee is working on a Family Resource Web Site and considering content ideas.  SAC discussed the makeup and mission of the committee.  The representatives will take come questions back to the committee for clarification.


Webpage Committee

New members and district makeup have been updated on the web site.  The annual report and info on the jean’s drive have been added.


Compassion Fund

Three requests were submitted this past month.  Two were granted (family illness and personal emergency) and one is pending while more information is gathered. 


III.Old Business

Dave Prentkowski, Director of Food Services, was contacted and responded to SAC’s question regarding the cost of Catering’s breakfast.  The concern was that the cost was outside the $8.00 guideline issued by John Affleck Graves.  The response was reviewed by SAC and provided clear rationale for the pricing and outlined additional choices for breakfast.


Amy Coughlin, Director of Administrative Services, was contacted regarding the Building Services Mason Center shuttle service question from last month.  Amy noted that there is currently no plan in place to change the route.  The route will be evaluated in 18-24 months.


IV.New Business

Lori Maurer, HR, announced the newly created Presidential Award for Leadership.  The award will recognize a staff supervisor, exempt or non-exempt, who demonstrates and lives the principles of servant leadership: building community; orienting goals and achievements in line with the University Mission; exhibiting strong stewardship of institutional resources (time, talent, financial); and developing a shared vision of institutional excellence.  SAC members were encouraged to nominate a supervisor.  Posters will be sent out to SAC members to publicize the award.  For more info, contact 1-5900 or go to the HR web site.  The deadline for nominations is March 26. 


The timeline for the rollout of ND Renew, the new compensation structure was outlined.  Town Hall meetings will take place April 15-22.


A group photo was taken for the SAC web site.



Jody Klontz made a motion to adjourn at 2:30 p.m.  The motion was seconded by Roxie Litteral.