March 2011

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, March 10, 2011  1:00 p.m.

LaFortune Student Center

Present:          Tami Springer, Barb Wadley, Marie Revak, Janice Tabb,  Joe Negri, Sandy Sarber,  Char-anna Koblick, Kathy Troth, Adele Almaguer,  Jody Klontz, Diana Singleton, Patty Smith,  Jan Solkey, James Stevens,  Kathy Seymour

Excused:          Fred Sonneborn, Joe Wheeler, Peggy Lant


HR Liaison:    Lori Maurer


I.  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:03 p.m. by Patty Smith.    

Approval of February 2011 Council Minutes

Minutes were approved with minor revisions - motion by Kathy Seymore and 2nd by James Stevens

II.  Committee Updates


Benefits Committee

No news


Parking Appeals/Parking

No news


Promotions Committee

A notice will be put in This Week @ ND for the April 4 Hacienda Night fundraiser.


Webpage Committee

Working on updates



A meeting is scheduled for April


Compassion Fund

No news

III.   New Business

SAC recognized Diana Singleton for her role in the Town Hall video

Jeff Korros, NDSP, was at SAC to discuss campus parking issues.  Jeff reported that there are 60 spaces for faculty/staff parking in D-6.  15 more will be added in the spring.  The signs identifying spaces as f/s that have been damaged over the winter will be replaced.  SAC is interested in increasing staff parking in D-6.  Jeff advised that SAC should make a formal request to the Ad Hoc parking committee.  The situation would then be investigated.  Jeff addressed a variety of issues and questions including the time gate arms are raised in the morning, ticketing and towing, one hour parking for errand, football game day parking, etc.  A suggestion was made to install a 3 way stop sign by the dock at DPAC.

Jeff stated that the University ARCH office is studying all the “Accessible Parking” on campus and making recommendations for changes in location and number.  All the crosswalks on campus get re-painted every May.  In response to a question, Jeff stated that the Service/Maintenance spaces are 24/7 in case of emergencies.  Jeff noted that NDSP writes 15,000 tickets per year.


A concern was raised about the plan to not publish a paper directory in the upcoming year.  Those without computer access will be impacted.


IV.   Old Business

The Office Depot pricing situation was discussed along with future communication with Procurement.  Some prices for items are more expensive through BuyND than through the Home Depot web site. 

Patty reviewed a follow up from Maureen Wildey, HR Benefits Manager, on some additional retirement questions from an earlier meeting.


V.   Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 2:30 by Char-anna Koblick and 2nd by Adele Almaguer