October 2012

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, October 11, 2012 1:00 p.m.

LaFortune Student Center


Present:               Patty Smith, Joe Negri, Char-anna Koblick,  Kathy Seymour, La Minda Wilson, Alan Seidler,  Melanie Brewer, Michele Tharp, Marie Revak,  Tami Springer, Elisa Podrasky

                                Carolyn Brooks, Janice Tabb, Jean Rinehart, Jody Klontz,  Jan Solkey, Kim Miller, Kathy Troth, Fred Sonneborn

Excused:              James Stevens

Unexcused:        Sandy Sarber

I.                Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Patty Smith


September minutes were reviewed –Char-Anna  Koblick- Motion to approve  and second by Kathy Troth

II.            Committee Updates and description of assignment for new members:

Benefits Committee
Wait for update by Denise Murphy’s presentation to group

Parking Appeals
One meeting was held since academic year started.  Parking fines have increased.

Ad Hoc Parking  
Nothing to report.

Promotions Committee
Proposed projects:  Book Drive- geared around particular subjects and collecting soda tabs with proceeds to going to Ronald McDonald House.  More information will be coming from committee members.

Elections Committee
Tami stated there is a problem with her district because it includes Legends and the employees do not have computer access.  Tami is concerned that the employee issues are different. Group advised that she make contact with Rich Jacobs to see if she can post minutes and her contact information.

Webpage Committee

Website will be updated.


Nothing to report.

Compassion Fund
Nothing to report.

III.           New Business

Wellness Center discussion

·         Person got half of their medications

·         Employee daughter’s  test results took a month to receive only got partial results

·         Employee was told she was not a priority and ignored

·         Employee told she could not be seen, even as a walk-in.

·         Employee went for flu shot and was asked if she was there because of her weight.

·         Excellent service

·         Nurse Practitioner is very good

LaMinda Wilson shared that employees in Landscape Services are concerned with being outsourced.  No one had heard anything about the outsourcing.

Landscape Services is not represented. Discussion about how to get them represented.

A concern was raised that employees are not getting lunch and break periods.   The policy was discussed and FLSA regulations should be considered.

A question was raised regarding the need to schedule personal and vacation days- lack of consistency with policies and time frame to request time off.  A standard policy would be more ideal.  Denise Murphy shared that there are discussions taking place to review many of the issues raised and that there will be focus groups.  Denise will include SAC as a focus group.

Denise also stated that a short term disability plan is also being considered and researched.   HR is wants to provide the right plan to provide fairness and consistency. 

Denise Murphy, HR Director of Compensation and Benefits, spoke to the group and provided information on the following:

·         Open Enrollment

·         HQ

·         Irish Health

·         Mobile Mammogram

·         On-line confirmation

Denise will check with Wellness Center to see if they will dispose of old medications.

IV:          Patty thanks Elisa Podrasky for her time serving on SAC. Elisa has accepted a new position, which moves her to a new district that is currently represented. We wish her the best.


V.            Motion to adjourn at 2:54 p.m.  1st- Marie Revak  and a 2nd by LaMinda Wilson