April 10, 2014

Staff Advisory Council Minutes 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Notre Dame Room, LaFortune


Tami Springer, Amanda Huerta, Jan Solkey, Patrice Mullen, Kim Miller, Joe Reimers, Adam Zelinski, Evelyn Mitchell, Tricia Dalenberg, Daniel Juckett, Kathy Troth, Marilyn Ipsen, Shebra Guidry, Kristi-Lax Walker, Bobbi McMahon, Elaine Brown


Char-Anna Kobick, Robin Karkiewicz, Michael Mueller, Heather Denton


Denise Murphy and Maureen Wildey


Susan Nugent

HR Liaison:

Sharon Hawkins

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:01 pm by Tami Springer. Tami welcomed new member Marilyn Ipsen, District #10.

March minutes were reviewed –Kim Miller made a motion to approve with a second by Shebra Guidry.

II. Committee Updates

Benefit Committee

Rep absent (Robin Karkiewicz)

Parking Appeals

Tricia Dalenberg will take over for Amanda Huerta

Promotions Committee

Rep absent (Heather Denton)

Website Committee

Website updated


Nothing to report

Compassion Fund

Fund and usage was explained to new SAC Members

Interim Parking Committee

Nothing to report

III. New Business

Denise Murphy, Human Resources and Maureen Wildey, Benefits program Manager were the guest speakers. They took questions about Learn at Work program and tuition reimbursement for college age children of employees. They also gave a brief overview of the changes to the (voluntary) University Retirement 403b Plan. The new plan will be rolled out in January 2015. Continue to watch for information from Human Resources about this new plan. 

Denise Murphy answered questions about the Learn At Work program. There was a comment that employees are allowed to earn an associate degree at Ivy Tech, but what about the next level and a Bachelors program?  Denise will talk to Kara McClure in Human Resources.

 Questions about the tuition reimbursement not allowed at Ivy Tech for the two year degree.   Denise explained that the benefit mirrors what Notre Dame offers to their students that are enrolled. Notre Dame is a four year college; therefore, tuition benefits are allowed to four year colleges. This is also benchmarked by what other colleges offer to employees. A question about learning disabilities and two year colleges was forwarded to human resources committee.

Questions were answered about the taxation of educational benefits. The new forms have been modified with more clear instructions regarding the new rules.

Information was shared about the rental housing opportunities. Bradley Company is the rental leasing agent that the University of Notre Dame uses.  They can be accessed by emailing Natalie Snider at ndrentalhousing@bradleyco.com. Unfortunately, there is no way to access them directly online. They provide rental homes for faculty and staff at reasonable rates which include lawn care and snow removal.

IV. Additional Business

V. Adjournment:

Motion to adjourn at 2:41 pm. 1st Joe Reimers. 2nd Dan Juckett.