February 13, 2014

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, February 13, 2014 1:00 p.m.

LaFortune Student Center


Adam Zielinski, Amanda Huerta, Bobbi McMahon, Char-anna Koblick, Daniel Juckett, Elaine Brown, Evelyn Mitchell, Jan Solkey, Kim Miller, Marie Revak, Patricia Smith, Robyn Karkiewicz, Shebra Guidry, Tami Springer, Tricia Brown, Kathy Troth,



Susan Nugent

HR Liaison:

Sharon Hawkins


Sue Lister, Associate Director, Internal Communications       

Sue came into the meeting at 1:45 and gave an overview of her role as the Director of Internal Communication. Sue also informed the committee of the different communication resources that she and her staff use, including, ND Works, Week @ND, the University Calendar and the campus wide listserv. She also shared the following initiatives:

  • Working as a strategic partner with departments by sharing insight on how to improve communication.
  • Communication strategy that allows for employees to be informed of changes prior to going public. Example-Cross Roads Project.  Employees were hearing information about the University from media and neighbors.
  • Working with department across campus to ensure all employees have access to information, especially those who do not use email.
  • Working with the SAC to identify the ideal ways to get information to the employees.
  • Working with SAC to identifying locations for distribution of ND Works

Sue was pleased to hear that there are computers available in the dining halls for employees to use.

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 p.m. by Patty Smith

II. Introduction of new members:

Daniel Juckett- District 20

Evelyn Mitchell- District 18

Tricia Brown District 16

III. Approval of the December 12, 2013 Council Minutes-

Motion to approve (note* January meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather)

1st Amanda Huerta

2nd Char-anna Koblick

IV. Committee Updates and description of assignment for new members:

Benefits Committee

No report

Parking Appeals Committee

Amanda Huerta reported that the scheduled meeting was cancelled

Promotions Committee

Marie Revak reported that she and Jan Solkey plan to start planning next project which is collecting items that the 1st generation college students will need for their dorm rooms. Marie and Jan will be working out the logistics of the fundraiser. They plan to work with custodial services to collect items from the dorms.

Pop tabs are still being collected for Ronald McDonald House. 

Website Committee

Tami Springer reported that the Website has been updated and Amanda has reviewed it.

ECDC Ad-Hoc Committee

No report

Compassion Fund Ad-Hoc Committee

Kathy Troth reported that there was no request made for assistance.

V. Elections

Patty Smith, Chair presided over the nomination process. Results:

Chair-Tami Springer

Vice- Chair-Amanda Huerta

Secretary-Jan Solkey

VI. Additional Business

Marie Revak has accepted a new position with the Department Economics

Question was raised about why the University does not offer tuition benefits if a dependent child attends a 2 year school?

Concern was raised about the lack of signage around campus to inform drivers that this is a pedestrian campus. Concern will be taken to parking.

There was discussion around bill collectors calling campus department and if it can be addressed. Sharon is following up with General Counsel.

VII. Motion to adjourn at 2:15 p.m.  

1st-Jan Solkey 

2nd Marie Revak