August 20, 2015

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Monogram Room, JACC


Tami Springer, Jan Solkey, Amanda Huerta, Tricia Dalenberg, Evelyn Mitchell, Valerie Schroeder, Char-Anna Koblick, Shebra Guidry, Robyn Karkiewicz, Kim Miller, Bobbi McMahon, Alissa Hochstetler, Daniel Juckett, Julie DeSchaine, and Joe Reimers.


Michael Mueller, Lori Haselrick, and Susan Monroe, Nancy Cole.


Denise Murphy and Scott Hershburger, Human Resources benefits and Wellness.


Julie Logue        

HR Liaison         

Ten Gray

I.  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:01 pm by Tami Springer.   

June minutes were reviewed– Char-Anna Koblick made a motion to approve with a second by Evelyn Mitchell.

II. Committee Updates

 Benefit Committee

Robyn Karkiewicz had nothing to report.

Parking Appeals

Tricia Dalenberg had nothing to report.

Promotions Committee

Jan Solkey, Bobbi McMahon and Evelyn Mitchell discussed the promotion for the fall.

A time line is in place— working on a flyer and proofing the letter.

Website Committee

Amanda Huerta working on uploading missing minutes from last year.  


Kim Miller had nothing to report.

Interim Parking

Joe Reimers discussed the shuttle system in place.  SAC group asked him to question about wheel chair accessibility - need closer options for parking. The stripes by D6 parking lot (by WNDU) need to be repainted.  They are meeting on August 24.

Compassion Fund

Shebra Guildry had nothing to report (no requests).

III. Old Business

None at this time.    

IV. New Business

Denise Murphy presented the new healthcare plans that will be available for open enrollment starting in October. The Health Care Strategy Working Group used five guiding principles for the new health care plan: choice, in the amount of options available; well-being; affordability, affordable cost within plans; education; and competiveness, the program we have is competitive with other universities and local markets. The new healthcare plan includes three plan options: PPO, HMO and a High Deductible Plan.  You will choose a plan from one of the three and then choose a network, Select or CHA.  These plans will be further explained through informational sessions that Human Resources will be hosting beginning in mid-September through October.  You can also attend informational sessions at the Irish Health Fair which will be held on October 20 and October 21.

Health screenings were also discussed. These can be provided by the Wellness Center, Memorial Hospital will be on campus to provide screenings and at your own physician’s office.  Health screenings provided by your physician would need to take place after June 2, 2015.  

Preventive care is still covered at 100 percent. There will be a new company taking over the prescription drug plan it is OptumRx, but copayments will remain the same.

Human Resources will be sending out a letter next week to all employees explaining some of the changes. There will be an announcement at the Town Hall meetings about the new healthcare options.  A new tool  was introduced called Castlight.  It has online and phone applications (Spanish also) to help when comparing costs of medical services and also ratings on quality.  

Open enrollment will be October 20 – November 6.  A change this year is that ALL employees are required to actively enroll in a healthcare plan, HR will not automatically default to your old one. There will be a confirmation report and then a grace period of ten days after that to change plans.

V. Additional Business

None at this time.

VI. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 2:30 pm. 1st Joe Reimers. 2nd Valerie Schroeder.