March 12, 2015

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Notre Dame Room, LaFortune Student Center


Tami Springer, Amanda Huerta, Jan Solkey, Alissa Hochstelar, Shebra Guidry, Kristi Lax-Walker, Joe Reimers, Evelyn Mitchell, Michael Muller, Lori Haselrick, Daniel Juckett, Susan Monroe, Bobbi McMahon, Valerie Schroeder, Robyn Karkiewicz, Kim Miller, Char-Anna Kobick


Julie Logue, Tricia Dalenberg, Julie DeSchane, Nancy Cole


Eric Love unable to attend. He was not able to arrive back to campus from New York.



HR Liaison:

Sharon Hawkins

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm by Tami Springer.   

February minutes were reviewed – Char-Anna Kobick made a motion to approve with a second by Robyn Karkiewicz. Annual Report for 2014 was approved as written - Robyn Karkiewicz made a motion to approve with a second by Michael Muller.

II. Committee Updates

Benefit Committee

Denise Murphy will be here in April to discuss benefits

Parking Appeals

2 appeals            

Promotions Committee

Bobbi checking into possibly selling the bulbs that landscapes services pulls out in May for a fundraiser for TRIOS program and/or other campus programs. Would like to staff a table at Employee Picnic in June to promote/educate about our group.   We will promote more about SAC in ND Works and possibly Observer. Idea about possibly hosting a tailgate during football season and setting up a table at Health Fair in October.

Website Committee



Nothing to report

Interim Parking

No meeting set yet.  Questions about nighttime shuttle past 9 pm and also possibly having a shuttle go to Eddy Street Commons at lunch hour.                             

Compassion Fund

No requests

Health Care Strategy Working Group

Denise Murphy will discuss at meeting in April. Working on a health care plan that fits your needs better.  Question about departmental approach or holistic approach to health care.  Question about investing in convertible workstations or standing workstations? 

III. Old Business

Sharon will be bringing shirts in April.

IV. New Business

Questions about fairness between exempt staff and nonexempt staff.  Comment about HR consultants talking to staff and not just managers. Comments about changes in benefits about football tickets.  Question about exit interviews not being done when you leave department to go to another department. 

V. Additional Business

Possibly have Mark Kocovski from Human Resources and Matthew Lahey from General Counsel to discuss comments and concerns expressed in this meeting.

VI. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 2:45 pm. 1st Joe Reimers. 2nd Robyn Karkiewicz.