May 14, 2015

Staff Advisory Council Minutes 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Notre Dame Room, LaFortune Student Center


Tami Springer, Jan Solkey, Nancy Cole, Tricia Dalenberg, Alissa Hochstelar, Kristi Lax-Walker, Evelyn Mitchell, Michael Mueller, Lori Haselrick, Daniel Juckett, Susan Monroe, Bobbi McMahon, Valerie Schroeder, Robyn Karkiewicz, Kim Miller, Char-Anna Kobick, Julie Logue. 


Amanda Huerta, Shebra Guidry, Joe Reimers, Julie DeSchane, Valerie Schroeder
Guests:    Les Niedbalski, Notre Dame Security and Matthew Blazejewski( John Affleck-Graves’ assistant).



HR Liaison:

Sharon Hawkins

I. Call to Order 

The meeting was called to order at 1:01 pm by Tami Springer.   

April minutes were reviewed– Lori Haselrick made a motion to approve with a second by Char-Anna Kobick. 

II. Committee Updates 

Benefit Committee

Meeting April 20, Robyn Karkiewicz unable to attend.    

Parking Appeals

Tricia Dalenberg stated over 50 tickets were presented for appeals at April 17th meeting.  Many tickets were due to construction on campus.  5 tickets were approved for appeals.     

Promotions Committee

Bobbi McMahon and Jan Solkey talked about the upcoming promotion for SAC at Staff Recognition Picnic.  We will be handing out fun size candy bars with SAC information on back along with SAC brochures. SAC representatives will be on hand to help pass out candy, brochures and promote SAC. They also shared the information they received from the meeting with Jessica Brookshire from Public Affairs. The next promotion will be in the fall.  SAC will be doing a fundraiser for possibly Robinson Learning Center and The ND Arts and Culture Center.  They will be sending out letters requesting donations for the baskets.  

Website Committee

Amanda Huerta absent. 


Kim Miller and Michael Muller reported they had a tour of the facility. 

Interim Parking 

Joe Reimers absent.    

Compassion Fund 

Shebra Guildry absent.

Health Care Strategy Working Group

Tami Springer was on vacation when meeting occurred.

III. Old Business

Sharon Hawkins stated they are working on finishing the shirts. 

IV. New Business 

Les Niedbalski and Matthew Blazejewski took questions from SAC representatives and listened to comments from group. Questions about, but not limited to Parking Pass Registration – special passes for hybrids, etc.  somewhat confusing on website; permits for assigned paid parking spots – currently assigned on a one year basis and they are still in discussion about how to proceed if they received more requests for paid parking spots than they have currently available; handicapped parking during football games – on game day all campus lots go to Athletics and they handle the parking; student athletes special access to all lots- they don’t, they get towed if parking illegally; handicapped parking – request special parking pass for and not limited to pregnancy, broken legs, etc. ; and visitor parking- parking at any non-gated, no restrictions lots. The gates are closed from 7 am to 430 pm weekdays, except Library Lot which is 830 am.    More questions about card access to the gated areas and transmitters; long term parking solutions and how are they funded.  A concern was brought up about the Wellness Center parking Lot.  People are driving in the grassy area to gain entrance and not using the gate to gain access.  Les stated they are aware of this and ticketing the offenders and working on a solution to this.  A concern was brought up about the move in for students.  Parking is limited for staff during this time frame.  Les stated that Student Housing stagers the move in time for students so they are not all converging at once on campus. Students have a colored coded system for move in. It is roughly a three to four day period for move in.  Parents fill up the D6 parking lot.  Question was brought up about White Field during move in days? Les stated he will check into this.    A comment was brought up about golf carts on campus and staff driving them – do they have training? Yes, they should have training before driving on campus. Question about one hour parking, does it change after 5 pm,  no does not. Comment was brought up about D lot by WNDU, more signs needed for Faculty and staff parking.   The parking lot at Hesburgh Peace Center will be gone after June 1. Dorr Road will be changing from single to double gate over the summer.

V.    Additional Business

Fred Freeman scholarship is accepting applications through June 1.

VI.    Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 2:59 pm. 1st Char-Anna Kobick. 2nd Kristi-Lax Walker.