November 12, 2015

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Notre Dame Room, La fortune


Tami Springer, Jan Solkey, Amanda Huerta, Evelyn Mitchell, Valerie Schroeder, Char-anna Koblick, Shebra Guidry, Kim Miller, Julie Logue, Tricia Dalenberg, Bobbi McMahon, Robyn Karkiewicz, Alissa Hochstetler, Nancy Cole and Susan Monroe.


Julie DeSchaine, Michael Mueller, and Lori Haselrick.


Dan Junkett and Joe Reimers.


Tracy Skibins, Notre Dame Security Police  

HR Liaison:    

Ten Gray

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 pm by Tami Springer. October minutes were reviewed, Julie Logue made a motion to approve with a second by Char-anna Koblick.

II. Committee Updates

Benefit Committee

Robyn Karkiewicz reported Human Resources had extended the time that staff were allowed to complete the assessments for health care screening. This was due to the fact that the Wellness Center was overwhelmed with staff that came on the last day to complete assessments with no appointments.

Parking Appeals

Tricia Dalenberg reported that there was no meeting about appeals. Tricia also stated that she has not received any information about any meetings to discuss parking issues.

Promotions Committee

Bobbi McMahon, Evelyn Mitchell, and Jan Solkey gave the flyer to reps for the promotion with Notre Dame Arts and Culture Center.  The promotion will start on December 7 and run through December 18.  Collection bins will be placed in various locations around campus.

Website Committee

Amanda Huerta reported that the website was updated. There are missing minutes from January through May of 2013.  Tami will search through files given to her by previous officers to try and locate missing files.


Kim Miller had nothing to report.

Interim Parking

Joe Reimers was absent from the meeting.

Compassion Fund

Shebra Guidry reported no requests.

III. Old Business

There was a discussion about the potluck in December and a sign-up sheet was sent around to members.

IV. New Business

Sargent Tracy Skibins from Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) was the guest speaker. She shared handouts about Safety at Work and Active Shooter Awareness & Response. NDSP actively completes trainings within a building on campus chosen randomly to be the site for the active shooter training.  She went over the Think Out information on the handout: Figure Out, Get Out, Call Out, Hide Out, Keep Out, Spread Out, and Take Out. This information can be found at Http:// .  Tracy also discussed what to expect from responding law enforcement officers. This and additional information can be found at scroll under the Crime Prevention tab.

Tracy also discussed self-defense classes (RAD) for women that can be taken through NDSP. Registration for this class is on the Rec Sports site at It is also possible to sign up for information about crime incidents that occur on campus, in South Bend, or within the county at  Tracy also discussed the O’SNAP program.  This program is a student auxiliary service that supplies free rides from Thursday through Saturday night from 9 pm to 3 am and Sunday through Wednesday night from 830 pm to 230 am for those who would prefer not to walk alone on campus at those times.  A mobile app is available that will give information about the shuttles, O’SNAP program, Transpo bus, and dining hall hours. This app is at Tracy also stated that dialing 911 from any land line phone on campus will be connected with NDSP.  However, 911 dialed on cell phones will go directly to South Bend Police Department.  The phone number for security is 631-5555 or 1-5555 (from a campus phone).      

V. Additional Business

A question was raised about FMLA: Why are staff only allowed three months leave when faculty are allowed six months for FMLA? Ten stated that the government guarantees 12 weeks for job protection. Susan also pointed out that the reason for the difference could be that faculty have contracts and are managed by the Provost office internally, whereas staff leave is managed by CareWorks, an outside company. There was a suggestion about offering classes to new or transferring employees who will be working with faculty in an academic setting for the first time.

VI. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 3:05 pm. 1st   Robyn Karkiewicz. 2nd Evelyn Mitchell.