Welcome to the Staff Advisory Council

Championing the voice of Notre Dame's non-exempt employees, fostering an environment of collaboration, advocacy, and transparency

Welcome to the Staff Advisory Council (SAC) at Notre Dame, where we bridge the gap between the university's administration and its dedicated nonexempt staff. Formed in 1996, our mission is to ensure that every voice is heard, every concern is addressed, and every success is shared across our campus. As a collective of elected members representing various operational areas, we serve not as policymakers, but as a vital conduit for information, ideas, and insights. Through our work, we aim to foster a more informed, inclusive, and responsive university community.

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Our Path: Bylaws

Discover the guiding principles that shape our mission, structure, and processes.

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Your Impact: Become A District Representative

Contribute to shaping a better workplace at Notre Dame.

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Voices United: Join A Committee

Explore SAC committees, each focused on specific areas such as benefits, parking, and workplace policies.

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  2. SAC Monthly Meeting

  3. SAC Monthly Meeting