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What is SAC?

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is a group of Notre Dame nonexempt employees that serve as a pipeline of information between the University administration and staff.  SAC members are elected to two-year terms and represent staff from every corner of the campus and every operational area.

What does SAC do?

SAC is an advisory group that does not form policy, but shares important information about the University with other staff members and also collects ideas and thoughts from the staff to help advise the administration on important issues. Very often, members of SAC share their perspectives on University issues through focus groups or through various committees on topics such as benefits and parking.

What has SAC done?

SAC was formed in 1996 and has given valuable input over the years on issues such as the availability of football tickets for all staff, tuition reimbursement for all employees, health benefits changes, and parking policies.



Upcoming Events:

The next Staff Advisory Council monthly meeting will be held on December 9th, at 9:00 am, via Zoom.  Please contact your district representative if you have concerns to be discussed.


Guest Speaker for February's Meeting: TBD










Staff Feedback Form: to help staff more easily call concerns, questions, or suggestions to the SAC Committee via a Google form