Annual Report 2006

The Notre Dame Staff Advisory Council (SAC) completed its tenth year of existence in 2006. It is empowered by the March 15, 1995, document that references Colloquium 2000 Recommendation 35 authored by Father William Beauchamp, University Executive Vice-President. SAC is a freely elected council of non-exempt staff who represent staff concerns on various issues. The SAC is an advisory group that does not form policy, but can have a distinct impact on policy that is formed by University administration. It is extremely important that campus staff is aware of this distinction. One of the most important functions of SAC is to serve as a two-way conduit of information between staff and administration.

During 2006, SAC held 12 regularly scheduled monthly meetings. In addition, several members of the SAC served on various ad hoc and standing committees, including: SAC promotion, elections, executive, redistricting, web-page, parking appeals, parking, ECDC and benefits. Several of these committees often met after work or on lunch hours. We wish to thank all those SAC members who served on committees. The input generated by their additional effort was invaluable to the various ends of each committee and to the overall function of the Staff Advisory Council.

Attendance of elected representatives at regular meetings averaged 77% during 2006.

Accomplishments of the 2006 Staff Advisory Council:

  • Redistricting
    • Districts across campus were reorganized for better representation
  • ND Voice Survey
  • Recommended questions to be added to the survey
  • Worked with Human Resources to establish hotline
  • SAC web page received a modern “face lift” and is now linked with InsideND
  • University’s paid vacation policy was revised to include a one-week carryover benefit
  • All insurance benefit options were changed to include an employee + one option for 2007
  • Employee Hotline
  • Web Page
  • Vacation
  • Insurance


Promotions of Staff Advisory Council:

  • SAC Brochures
    • Mailed with ballots for even district SAC member elections in January 2006
    • Given to new employees in the HR new-hire packet
  • SAC T-Shirt
  • Worn by SAC members in attendance at the Staff Picnic
  • Worn by SAC members in attendance at Relay for Life
  • Information table was set up and highly attended
  • Door prizes drawing for non-exempt staff
  • Raised $670
  • Seven SAC members participated in the relay walk
  • Staff Picnic
  • Relay for Life

Presentations to the Staff Advisory Council:

  • Doug Marsh, University Architect
    • Overview of new construction on campus for 2006
  • Tammy Freeman, Human Resources
  • Introduced new vacation and time-off policies
  • Open discussion on “just wage” issue being surfaced by the CLAP student organization
  • Open discussion of “living wage” platform
  • Presentation of University benefits for 2007
  • Presentation of United Way drive and new Employee Compassion Fund
  • John Affleck-Graves, Vice President, University of Notre Dame and Bob McQuade, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  • Campus Labor Action Project (CLAP)
  • Denise Murphy, Director of Benefits, Human Resources
  • DeeDee Sterling, Benefits Manager, Human Resources

Recommendations and Concerns of Staff Advisory Council:

  • Letter sent to Jeff Korros, Security, regarding safety concerns with operators of university owned golf carts on campus.
    • All operators of university owned golf carts are to be trained on safety driving and offenders are to be reported to Security.
  • Letter sent to Jeff Korros, Security and Doug Marsh, University Architect regarding the pedestrian crossing at Holy Cross and the former Juniper road to ensure the safety of employees/students crossing to their parking lots.
  • Crosswalk was repainted and access was limited to south end of the visitor parking lot placed on the former Juniper Road.
  • Sign was changed initially and then ECDC exit removed completely with the revision of the intersection at Bulla and Wilson.
  • Letter sent to Jeff Korros, Security about the faded “Do Not Enter” sign at the ECDC exit to Wilson Drive.
  • Ongoing discussions with Human Resources about performance reviews.
  • Ongoing discussions with the administration on reestablishing the Awards of Excellence

Committees with SAC Representation:

Ongoing SAC committees:

  • Executive Committee
  • Election Committee
  • Promotions Committee
  • Redistricting Committee
  • By-Laws Committee
  • Web Page Committee

Ad Hoc Committees:

  • ECDC
  • Benefits Committee
  • Parking Committee
  • Parking Appeals Committee

Respectively Submitted,

Kathy Stopczynski, Chair
Christy Miller, Vice Chair
Bobbi McMahon, Secretary