Annual Report 2009

Staff Advisory Council

Annual Report 2009


The Notre Dame Staff Advisory Council (SAC) completed its 13th year of existence in 2009. During 2009, SAC held 12 regularly scheduled monthly meetings. In addition, several members of the SAC served on various ad hoc and standing committees, including: SAC Promotions, elections, executive, web-page, parking appeals, parking, compassion fund and benefits and ECDC. Several of these committees often met after work or on lunch hours. We wish to thank all those SAC members who served on committees. The input generated by their additional effort was invaluable to the various ends of each committee and to the overall function of the Staff Advisory Council.


Accomplishments of the 2009 Staff Advisory Council:


Promotions of Staff Advisory Council:

·         Relay for Life

o   Fundraiser held at Hacienda on April 14, 2009 for Relay For Life

o   Fundraiser held at Hacienda on December 14, 2009 for 2010 Relay for Life



Presentations to the Staff Advisory Council:

·         January: Kara McClure, HR, Learning & Organizational Development

o   IVY Tech Program, ESL and other classes offered through HR


·         February: Denise Murphy, Director, Compliance & Benefits, HR and

                       Toni Taylor, Compensation Manager, HR

o   ND Renew


·         March: John Affleck-Graves, Executive Vice President

o   ND Voice/ND Renew


·         April: David R. Prentkowski, Dir, UND Food Services and

     Lisa Wenzel, Asst. Dir. Special Events, Catering By Design

o   Discounts for staff at campus retail restaurants


·         May: (1st Presentation) Doug Marsh, University Architect

o   Campus Growth & the future of the office work environment

    (2nd Presentation) Jeff Korros, Major, UND Police

o   Parking


·         June: (1st Presentation) Matthew Blazejewski and Lori Maurer, HR Business Partners

o   Business Partner Program

    (2nd Presentation) Denise Murphy, Director, Compliance & Benefits, HR

o   General Discussion/Answer session of Benefits


·         July: (1st Presentation) Mary Warner, Manager Benefits-Work Live, HR

o   Wellness activities





·         September: (1st Presentation) Mary Warner, Manager Benefits-Work Live, Human Resources

o   Update on open enrollment

                    (2nd Presentation) Kathy Gentry, Meritain Insurance on campus rep

o   Discussion/Answer session for Meritain Insurance


·         October: (1st Presentation) Denise Murphy, Director, Compliance & Benefits, HR

o   Benefits Update

                     (2nd Presentation) John Affleck Graves, Executive Vice President

o   ND Renew


·         December: John Affleck Graves, Executive Vice President

        Gordon Wishon, Chief Information Officer, AVP Office of Info. Tech. &

        Sarah Misener, Director, Business Partners, HR

o   Discussed Security Exposure





Recommendations, Concerns and accomplishments of Staff Advisory Council:

·         By-laws updated and current

·         SAC was asked by John Affleck Graves to appoint a representative to the ongoing ECDC Committee.

·         SAC was asked to nominate a member to serve on the Presidential Awards Committee.

·         SAC met with Dave Prentkowski and Lisa Wenzel in April. As a result of this meeting food services began to offer discounted meals at both dining halls.

·         SAC once again participated in Relay for Life.

·         John Affleck Graves asked for volunteers from SAC to participate in ND Focus Groups to discuss the ND Voice Survey/Feedback

·         Based on a recommendation by SAC, Doug Marsh made sure speed bumps were placed on Holy Cross Drive near the north end of campus and the guard shack to ensure pedestrian safety.

·         John Affleck Graves requested a representative from SAC to sit on an ongoing committee to discuss a fee-based parking option on campus.

·         SAC was asked to review and submit any changes to the communication that went out to ALL staff and faculty regarding the security exposure.









Committees with SAC Representation:


Ongoing SAC Committees:

Executive Committee

Election Committee

Promotions Committee

Web-page Committee



Ad Hoc Committees:

Compassion Fund Committee

Benefits Committee

Parking Committee

Parking Appeals Committee

ECDC Committee

Fee-based parking Committee


Respectively Submitted,

Patricia Smith, Chair

Mo Marnocha, Vice-Chair

Victoria Chidister, Secretary