August 1998

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, August 13, 1998


LaFortune Student Center - Notre Dame Room


1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Present: Rhonda Barkley, Amy Belke, Jan Blazi, Rachel Boyd,, Phyllis Campbell, Emily Cassidy, Tammy Chapman, Gina DeLaruelle, Janet Dillon, Toby Green, Rita Grontkowski, Linda Hansen, Pam Jobin, Chuck Klein, Jeff Korros, Mike Manijak, Norma Mezykowski, Don Newsom, Diane Schlatterbeck, Fred Sonneborn, and Deanna Zukowski. 

Absent: Debbie Bennett, Dan Brazo, Victoria Cotton, Deb Fox, Sue Penrod, Michael Purnell, Doris Smuda, and Melodie Wise.

HR Liaisons: Cindy Ewing, Doug Hemphill, Rich Nugent and Pam Zarazee.

Phyllis Campbell, Vice-Chair called the Council meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. 

Phyllis explained to the Council that Dan Brazo, Chair was absent and would not be in attendance. Phyllis welcomed a new Council member, Joshua White in District #3. Phyllis also shared with the Council that Melodie Wise will be replacing Mary Anne Hoebeke in District #24. 

I. Approval of the July 9, 1998 Minutes 

Toby Green made a motion to accept the July 9, 1998 minutes. Gina DeLaruelle seconded the motion. A vote was taken and all Council members present were in favor of the motion. 

II. Promotion/Transfer Feedback from Districts 

Each Council member shared the feedback they received from the staff in their districts which included the following: 

* Training needs to be provided to non-exempt staff on resume writing, interviewing (how to sell yourself in an interview), and the promotion/transfer process itself including terminology explanations and where the forms are located. 

* Employees should know how Human Resources can assist them in the promotion/transfer process.

Cindy Ewing shared with the Council that the Human Resources Training Catalog will be given to all staff in early fall. This will help all staff know what training programs are available.

The Council agreed that once Human Resources develops a training program on the above topics, the Council would then like to be used as a pilot group for the training.


III. Benefits Fair Booth Discussion 

Rich Nugent explained to the Council that the Lifestyle and Benefits Fair is geared towards health related issues. Therefore having a booth represented that was non-health related, like the Council, may be a concern. Rich suggested to the Council that a more appropriate vehicle for exposure of the Council to staff would be at the annual Staff Picnic held in June. The Staff Picnic is well attended and also is done annually rather than bi-annually like the Lifestyle and Benefits Fair. The Council agreed that it would not be appropriate to have a booth at the Lifestyle and Benefits Fair. The Council asked to have the idea of a booth at the Staff Picnic placed on the December agenda for discussion. 


IV. Women's Committee Update 

Rita Grontkowski stated that the Women's Committee met last week and has some vacancies to fill on the committee. Rita stated that Gina DeLaruelle and Mary Anne Hoebeke have resigned and need to be replaced by a Council member. Amy Belke volunteered to be on the Women's Committee. The Council is still looking for one more Council member to sit on the Women's Committee. If you are interested, please call Rita Grontkowski at 631-7242. The Women's Committee meets once a month on the Thursday prior to the Council meeting at 1 p.m. in the First Year of Studies Conference Room.

Rita also shared that Phyllis Shelton-Ball has resigned from the Women's Committee and has been replaced by the next non-exempt alternate Debbie Sumption. 

V. Shift Differential 

Rich Nugent explained to the Council that a survey had been conducted on shift differential. Rich shared some overheads with the Council that stated the following: 

* Of the organizations surveyed shift differential is paid for afternoon shifts at .52 cents/per hour, for night shifts at .86 cents/per hour. Notre Dame pays .40 cents/per hour on both afternoon and night shifts. Rich explained that Notre Dame is somewhat lower than the organizations surveyed.

Rich also showed an overhead regarding the applications of shift differential. Twenty-six percent of the organizations surveyed apply shift differential to sickness. Notre Dame does not apply shift differential to sick time. A little more than 50 percent of the organizations surveyed apply shift differential to vacation time, holidays, and funeral leave. Notre Dame does not apply shift differential to vacation time, holidays, and funeral leave. More than 68 percent of the organizations surveyed apply shift differential to overtime. Notre Dame does apply shift differential to overtime.

Rich shared with the Council that the University's priorities for compensation are currently centered on getting employees to the market. As of July 1, 1998, staff, on average, are at 101.5 percent of market. The shift differential amounts will be monitored closely and addressed when more budgetary dollars are available. 

VI. New Business 

Rich Nugent reviewed an additional dental coverage option the University is considering offering this fall during open enrollment. This additional dental coverage would not replace Cigna Dental, but would be an additional option. Rich passed out the proposed coverage, dentists in the plan, and premiums. The Council felt having this second dental option would be a good idea. 

A Council member raised some questions regarding the Flexible Spending Account. Rich stated he would be glad to ask Rita Winsor to attend the next meeting to discuss the questions posed. The Council requested Rich to ask Rita, or the appropriate person from Human Resources, to come and do a Flexible Spending Account presentation at the September Council meeting. Rich stated that he would arrange it. 

The Council also asked if Rita would be able to give an update on information regarding Open Enrollment at the October or November Council meeting.

A Council member asked Rich how the performance review process went. Rich stated that it was much improved over years past, but that further improvement in quality and quantity is needed. The University is currently not at a point to move on to a totally performance based system.

Rich explained to the Council that the Tuition Benefit Proposal is currently being discussed within the University Administration.

Council members voiced a concern that supervisors did not adequately communicate the matrix to all staff members. Also, Council members stated that they did not all receive compensation statements from their supervisors. Rich will be looking into this issue. 

VII. Set the agenda for the September 10, 1998 meeting 

I. Approval of the minutes from the August 13, 1998 meeting

II. Spending Account Presentation

III. Community Service Project Presentation

IV. Women's Committee Update

V. Review Council Priorities and Plan for Future Meetings

VI. New Business

VII. Set the agenda for the October 8, 1998 meeting

Pam Jobin made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jeff Korros seconded this motion. A vote was taken and all present Council members were in favor of the motion.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Communications Committee