January 2003

Staff Advisory Council

Thursday, January 9, 2003

LaFortune Hall
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Minutes from December meeting were approved. 
Parking Appeals Committee: Will begin meeting regularly when classes start. 
Woman's Ad Hoc Committee: Snite Museum tour was a success. Plans for a fashion show in March are being made. 
Promotions Committee: Did not meet 
This months meeting was an open Discussion. 
SAC Committee E-mail address: The committee asked for an email address to be set up to help broaden communication. 
Laundry had communicated that they were not getting any communication. It was decided to assign them their own district. They will be district 5 and will be open for elections this month. 
Elections: Elections for all odd number districts will be held this month. We hope to have all districts seated for February 20th meeting. If you do not know what district you are in please contact Human Resources or check the website. 
Vacation Carry Over: Would it be possible to carry over a limited amount of days to the following year. Human Resources responded that they will look into this. 
Spirit Award: Employees can nominate other employees anytime of the year for this award; contact Human Resources for specific information and forms or look on the Human Resources website. 
Discount for Employees: Is there information available that would let us know what companies offer discounts? No, some companies advertise it while some don't. Best advice is to ask. 
Programs on Campus: SAC members are going to contact different campus groups about volunteer programs being offered on campus. 
Insurance Cards: Problems are being worked on and hope to have everything resolved by the end of January. Please contact Human Resources for immediate problems. 
Energy Conservation: Some employees are concerned about energy conservation measures. Items noted were consistency in room temperatures on campus and seeing University vehicles left running with no one in them. 
OIT: Would it be possible to have someone from OIT speak at a SAC committee to answer technology and computer support questions. 
Human Resources Connection: Human Resources Connections are due to come out after January 15, 2003. 
The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM.