October 2003

Staff Advisory Council

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Notre Dame Room, LaFortune
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
1. Approval of September 11 Minutes
- One change noted – committee members to bring their SAC files to the next SAC meeting on November 20 in the Grace Hall - Lower Level Training Room.
- The minutes were approved.
2. Medical/Dental Insurance Presentation – Denise Murphy, Director, Benefits & Applied Technology
- Denise thanked Stephanie for being on the committee that reviewed the benefit companies.
- The committee visited a few companies to see how they did claims and answered phones, etc. They were very impressed with North American.
- The replacement company for Partners will be North American. They will carry ND’s PPO and HMO plans. They are a very large company based out of New York. They will be accessible through an 800 number. New insurance cards will be sent out with a new color and new identification numbers. (not your social security number).
- North American will work with a local network company, Community Health Alliance which is associated with Memorial Hospital and St. Joseph Med Center and out into Michigan. 
- There was approximately a 95% match of physicians with this network. CHA did a great job trying to match it. The website is http://www.CHAnetwork.com
- The co-pay remains the same; however, it is now possible to go to a specialist without a Dr.’s referral. The co-pay for the specialist will be $25.
- There will be 2 new services added:
o A 24-hour nurse line (800#)
o Baby Steps program – for expectant mothers.
- Concerns with pre-existing conditions will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.
- There will still be an appeal process.
The following is a quick summary of what will and will not change:
Advantage Health – no changes
NAAPPO Plan – no changes
Prescription Drug Program – no changes
Medical and Dental Premium changes:
Medical: $ 28 for Single (was $24)
$108 for Family (was $101)
Advantage: $94 (was $82)
PPO: $ 30 (was $28)
$117 (was 104)
Dental: very little change: 
Delta has a $50 deductible with a premium of $20.52 Single and $52.28 Family, however, they have given ND a 2-year commitment rate on those premiums.
HRI has an annual cost of $627.
Life Insurance: will only change when you age changes.
Vision: no change
Flex Spending Account:
- The cap has changed from $3,000 to $5,000
- OTC will now be acceptable for reimbursements (still no vitamins).
- North American will not handle the claim process. They will reimburse on a weekly basis and mail the checks directly to your home or by Direct Deposit if requested. There will be a $10 minimal spending. You can fax or mail in the form which will be online.
Long-Term Disability:
- Will now be offered to all staff and faculty.
- It will be provided through CIGNA (not the medical insurance company!).
- There will be a six-month waiting period.
- You can file on by phone, on the web or by fax.
Long Term Care Insurance:
- ETNA will now carry this insurance; however, for those who want to stay with UNUM, you can, but you will have to pay directly; only ETNA payments will be taken automatically out of your paycheck.
* Open enrollment will begin on October 22 – November 14.
* Forms should be filled out whether there is a change or not.
* Open House with all benefit companies will be October 29 from 9-4 in the LaFortune Ballroom.
Jessica Brookshire presented the changes in EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
- Jessica announced to the committee that the new company handling the assistance will be Lifeworks (http://www.lifeworks.com)
- She passed out booklets and computer CD’s available to everyone free of charge, which EAP offers.
- EAP handles issues regarding: emotional well being, financial issues, legal issues, addictions, credit card problems, managing people, older adult issues, etc.
- They are accessible by an 800 number 24/7.
- They will provide a local provider and will keep everything confidential.
- This is on a 3-visit plan, and then they will offer referrals.
Committee Reports:
Promotions Committee 
Working on posters to put up advertising the next election.
Suggestion came in if SAC would produce a bi-annual or yearly newsletter indicating what has been discussed and what has been accomplished. It would also provide a tear-off sheet for staff to fill out with other suggestions/concerns.
Parking Appeals Committee
There is a new group on this committee. Each year its members change; it includes a faculty, staff and administration member, and a graduate and undergraduate student.
Ad-Hoc Committee on Women’s Issues
The talk with SOS went very well.
A reminder about the Holiday Party Planning session was given. It will be on Wednesday, October 22 from 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm in the Gold Room at the North Dining Hall.
Web Page Update
JoAnn to forward on to Melodie the AFS I.D. and email password belonging to SAC.
Will be getting information from Kathy Fisher indicating the buildings represented by each district.
Archive of Minutes
Still looking for a SAC members to help coordinate this.
SAC notes/minutes should be turn in on the November 20th meeting which will be held in the lower level Training Room of Grace Hall.
Meeting adjourned.