June 2006

Staff Advisory Council Minutes 

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

1:00-3:00 p.m., Notre Dame Room, LaFortune                                                                                                                                    
Present: Maureen Marnocha, Lorie Marsh, Christy Miller, Bobbi McMahon, Joy Schosker, John Mackowicz, Shannen Mears, Patricia Smith, Frederick Sonneborn, Kathy Stopczynski, Kevin Jones, Linnie Caye, Kathy Troth, MaryEllen Fetherolf, George Young, Sheila Breining, Sharon Konopka, Paul Hendershott
Excused:  Penny McIntire, Jennifer Ihns, Diana Singleton, Michael Huffer, Peggy VanKirk    
Unexcused: None
Visitors: None
HR Liaisons:  John Whelan
I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Kathy Stopczynski.
II. Approval of the May 11th, 2006 Council Minutes 
With noted changes, Joy Schosker made a motion to approve and Kevin Jones (second). 
III. Committee Reports
Benefits Committee
Representative not in attendance.  Nothing to report.
Parking Appeals Committee
No change on Parking Appeals Committee.  In July we will ask for new member.
Promotions Committee
At the Staff Picnic, a booth will be set up with a new banner that will be used at future events.  The SAC will also have new t-shirts.  Christy Miller sought three volunteers to work at the SAC table.
The Promotions Committee is working with John Whelan from Human Resources to identify future events where a SAC booth could be displayed.  Possibilities include Relay for Life.
Redistricting Committee
Joy Schosker will take on the redistricting project with help from Patricia Smith.  Joy will meet with Jennifer Ihns to include her ideas.
Website Committee
No changes.
Women's Committee
SAC will no longer have a formal Women’s Committee now that there is an independent campus-wide Women’s Committee.  SAC will still have a representative give updates at the SAC meetings, if applicable.
IV. Additional Business
Child Care Committee:  Kathy Stopczynski received a letter from John Affleck-Graves asking for a SAC representative to volunteer on a child care committee he is forming.  Patricia Smith will be the SAC representative.  The first meeting was yesterday, June 7, 2006.  The objective of this ad hoc committee is to look at the child care needs of campus and understand if ND is adequately meeting these needs.  Issues to be considered are the current availability and cost of child care through ECDC.  If SAC members or people in districts have thoughts, please contact Patricia.
Motorcycle Policy:  Leslie Niedbalski from ND Security/Police confirmed that motorcycles have the same access rights to campus as automobiles, including parking.
Faded Sign at ECDC:  Leslie Niedbalski will look into SAC concerns that the “Do Not Enter” sign at the ECDC parking lot is so faded that it is illegible.
New University Hotline:  A question was posed about the timing of the newly proposed university hotline.  The hotline, which will be available for employees, students and others to report problems related to Notre Dame, is still being designed and will be run by an outside, independent company.  A formal launch date has not been set.
On-Line Paychecks:  Questions were asked about the new on-line paychecks and the availability of paper checks.  All hourly employees will receive paper paychecks.
Direct Deposit:  What will happen to paychecks that are not directly deposited?  The checks will be sent to the employees homes.  This may delay the time it takes for employees to receive their paychecks.  All employees are encouraged to enroll in direct deposit. 
Annual Salary Statements:  When are the pay statements coming out?  Because of the new HR/Payroll system being implemented on July 1st, there has not been a date set for the distribution of salary statements.  However, they will be delivered prior to July 1st.
Shannen Mears Leaving SAC:  She has taken a new job that is exempt.  Her replacement in District 13 is Sheila Breining from the Morris Inn.
Center for Social Concerns:  Christy Miller heard from someone at the CSC who wants to have a representative in SAC.  The CSC is currently in district 7.
Distribution of Minutes:  Christy Miller said she will distribute minutes to employees who do not have SAC reps.
Minutes:  Maureen Marnocha brought forth a comment from someone in her district requesting that the minutes specify the names of the SAC representatives who make comments in meetings.
Living Wage:  Maureen Marnocha mentioned that an employee from her district wanted to voice her displeasure with the student-run Campus Labor Action Project (CLAP) and said that good benefits are more important than more salary.
CLAP:  Members of SAC have tried repeatedly to contact members of CLAP to invite them to a SAC meeting but have not received any response from the CLAP reps.  SAC will continue to try to contact CLAP and wants it to be understood that SAC is not ignoring CLAP, but rather is getting no response from them.  One SAC member voiced concern that CLAP’s lack of response to SAC is an indication that they are not taking things seriously.
Parking Fee:  Maureen Marnocha brought forth a suggestion from someone in her district that in the event ND charges for parking in the future, that the University should charge as a percentage of salary. 
Tuition Benefit:  An employee in Maureen Marnocha’s district suggested that Notre Dame should make the tuition benefit more flexible so that employees without children could utilize it for more distant family members, such as nieces and nephews.
Funeral Leave:  Maureen Marnocha had an employee in her district who feels that sick time should be used for additional funeral leave rather than vacation time and has asked that Notre Dame revisit it’s policy.  This led to a greater discussion by the SAC about the funeral leave policy.  Some suggested that Notre Dame reconsider it.  John Whelan mentioned that Notre Dame’s policy is consistent (and even more generous in some cases) with almost every other peer university.
Performance Reviews:  Kathy Troth asked about the timing of performance reviews.  John Whelan mentioned that supervisors are expected to complete a performance review within 12 months of the last one.  SAC has decided that it will write a position letter about performance reviews at Notre Dame. 
V. Adjournment
With no further topics to discuss, Shannen Mears made a motion to adjourn.  The motion was seconded by Linnie Caye and passed.
Respectfully submitted,
Human Resources 
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