July 2008

Approved Minutes

Staff Advisory Council

Thursday, July 10, 2008

1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Grace Hall, Lower Level
Present:          Julie DeBuysser, Andrew Mason, Amie Davis, Eric McCartney, Sandy Sarber, Patricia Smith, Sharon Konopka, Frederick Sonneborn, Victoria Chidister, Kathy Stopczynski, Char-anna Koblick, Joe Wheeler, Kathy Troth, Barb Wadley
Excused:         Mo Marnocha, Laura Gerber, Penny McIntire, Shari Herman, Marie Revak, Diana Singleton, Adele Almaguer
Unexcused:    John Mackowicz
HR Liaison:   John Whelan
I.                   Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 1:07 p.m. by Patty Smith.
II.                Approval of June, 2008 Council Minutes
Sharon Konopka made a motion to approve the minutes with suggested changes, and Andy Mason seconded.  
III.             Committee Reviews
Benefits Committee
The committee met on June 20th and plans to have another meeting soon.  There is no news to report at this time.
By-laws Committee 
No news.
Parking Appeals
No news.
Election Committee
No news.
Promotions Committee  
The Promotions Committee of SAC is considering the possibility of running a blood  drive in the fall.
This committee that was formed by John Affleck-Graves two years ago was created to look at the relationship between ECDC and Notre Dame.  The committee is made up of individuals from across campus, including faculty, non-exempt staff and exempt staff.  In the last year, a survey was completed of Notre Dame employees to gauge their usage and interest in ECDC.  In a few weeks, the committee will meet to conclude a final report that will then be presented to John Affleck-Graves.  The committee will then be disbanded.  
Webpage Committee  
No news.
Compassion Fund
Since the last meeting, one request was submitted for funds from the Compassion Fund.  Before making a decision, the Committee asked for additional information.
IV.       Additional Business
Vacation Accrual
·         Kathy Stopczynski shared with SAC a revised letter she received from Donna Brommeling as a follow-up to the May 8th meeting in which Denise McEwen, Prudence Dorsey and Donna Brommeling met with SAC and shared their concerns with Notre Dame’s current vacation policy.  There was much discussion among SAC as to whether it should send the letter forward to HR and possibly other administrators.  Ultimately, a motion was made by Andrew Mason and seconded by Kathy Stopczynski to have Amie Davis draft a letter to be approved by SAC asking Donna Brommeling to provide more specific information as to who the letter was intended to represent.
Staff and Faculty Shuttle
·         Dan Skendzel, Director of Administrative Services, attended the meeting to discuss the Staff and Faculty Shuttle. 
·         Dan has spent countless hours seeking input from as many people as possible about the shuttle in an effort to accommodate the most people possible.
·         Some key findings from a survey as well as passenger counts on the shuttle indicate that the pick-up and drop-off routes to the Mason Center are highly successful.  In addition, over the prior 6-month period, only 40 riders (including repeat riders) used the shuttle along the route from the Main Circle to Mendoza.  During that same period, there were only 54 riders who picked up the shuttle from the library circle and 36 of those rides were by one person.
·         The survey was sent to all employees and 415 people responded.
·         Based on this information, Dan will make adjustments to the shuttle route and schedule.
Shift Differential
·         A question was raised about a change in the shift differential policy for several work units on campus.  Individuals who have questions about their shift pay should contact their immediate supervisors.  
Carpool Message Board
·         A suggestion was made that Notre Dame should create an on-line message board for drivers to carpool to work in an effort to save money on gas as well as protect the environment.  John Whelan and Lori Maurer from HR will look into this possibility and also contact the Director of Notre Dame’s Office of Sustainability.
·         Another suggestion raised had to do with possibly reducing work weeks to 4-days rather than 5 with longer hours each day.  Individuals who are interested in this are encouraged to speak with their direct supervisors to see if such an arrangement would be feasible for them.  
V.        Adjournment
With no further topics to discuss, Kathy Stopczynski made a motion to adjourn at 2:39 p.m.  The motion was seconded by Amie Davis and passed.
Respectfully submitted,
Human Resources