August 2010

                                                                               Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, August 12, 2010  1:00 p.m.

LaFortune Student Center


Present:          Tami Springer, Barb Wadley, Marie Revak, Peggy Lant, Joe Negri, Sandy Sarber, Kathy Seymour, Fred Sonneborn, Char-anna Koblick, Kathy Troth, Adele Almaguer, Joe Wheeler, Jody Klontz

Excused:         Shari Herman, Diana Singleton, Bill Peck, Patty Smith, Roxie Litteral

Unexcused:     Penny McIntire

HR Liaison:   Lori Maurer


I.Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:06 p.m. by Jody Klontz


Approval of July 2010 Council Minutes

Minutes were approved - motion by Marie Revak and 2nd by Kathy Seymore


II.Committee Updates


Elections Committee

Nothing to report


Benefits Committee

A meeting was held on August 10.  The committee and HR are working on a plan to submit to the Board of Trustees about the 2011 benefits.  Denise Murphy, Director of Compensation & Benefits, will attend a future SAC meeting to communicate next year’s benefit plan information.


By-laws Committee

Nothing to report


Parking Appeals/Parking

Two meetings were held.  The committee reviewed over 100 appeals.


Promotions Committee

Still working on getting jeans squares signed for Operation Quiet Comfort.  Three Catholic grade schools were contacted.  The thought is to ask art teachers to assist with getting kids to sign and decorate the squares.  SAC members will have a table at South Dining Hall and invite ND students to sign the squares.



Nothing to report


Webpage Committee

            No news


Compassion Fund

No news


III.Old Business

Information was shared from Dave Prentkowski, Director of Food Services, regarding Burger King’s decision to no longer offer breakfast in the Huddle.  Mr. Prentkowski responded via email stating that Subway was able to offer a more nutritional breakfast and Burger King could then offer extended hours.  He characterized it as a “win-win.”


The speed bump in front of Stepan Center is scheduled for a September installation.


IV.New Business

SAC discussed the speed of vehicles between Mendoza and Legends.  Doug Marsh will be contacted about the feasibility of installing a speed bump.


The less than desirable condition of the Mendoza parking lot was discussed.


Bill Peck announced that he will be leaving SAC.


Jessica Brookshire, Ass’t Director of University Relations, Events & Protocol was the guest speaker.  Jessica presented information on the ND United Way campaign.  She also took questions and solicited feedback/ideas from SAC members.  The key messages of the upcoming campaign are:

-United Way is an investment in our community

-#211 info/referral service

-Compassion Fund


Jessica explained that the ND Compassion Fund uses funds donated by ND employees to United Way.  Employees can indicate a desire to have 5% percent of their donation go to this fund that assists employees that have an emergency need.  A committee reviews the requests.  In 2009, the fund administered $6254 to employees that met the criteria.  There was greater need than funds. 


Jessica asked SAC to spread the word to employees about the option of donating 5% of their United Way donation to the Compassion Fund for 2011.


Jessica closed by announcing the upcoming United Way fundraisers:

-Trivia Night on August 28

-Race to New York on October 2

-Family Fun Fest on October 22



Motion to adjourn at 2:55 by Barb Wadley and 2nd by Marie Revak.