April Minutes 2012

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, April 12, 2012 1:00 p.m.

LaFortune Student Center


Present:               Jean Rinehart, Jan Solkey, Frederick Sonneborn, Joe Negri, Char-anna Koblick,

 Kathy Troth, Patty Smith, Kathy Seymour, La Minda Wilson, Alan Seidler,  

Melanie Brewer, Michele Tharp, Marie Revak, Jody Klontz, Janice Tabb, Sandy Sarber, Tami Springer, James Stevens

Excused:              Joe Wheeler, Elisa Podrasky, Diana Singleton

I.                Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:02 p.m. by Patty Smith


April minutes were reviewed and approved - motion by James Stevens with a 2nd by Char Koblick

II.            Committee Updates and description of assignment for new members:

Benefits Committee
Nothing to report

Parking Appeals
Two meetings were held; reviewed 10-15 appeals per meeting.  New Parking signs are being installed by the dumpsters by Cavanaugh north of LaFortune.

Ad Hoc Parking  
Nothing to report

Promotions Committee
Relay for Life is April 27-28.  A signup sheet for participation was routed.

Compassion Fund
There was one request to the fund and it was approved.

Webpage Committee

Nothing to report

There is a meeting on April 16th and a tour of the facilities at ND and SMC in May.

Elections Committee
no news


III.           New Business

LaTonia Ferguson, Learning & Organizational Development Consultant, and Kara McClure, Learning & Organizational Development Program Manager, attended SAC.  Latonia and Kara presented information about HR’s Learning Programs and the Career Services Program.  Staff should refer to the HR web site or AskHR@nd.edu for more information.    Kara and LaTonia also presented information about the Computer Skills Training that HR is managing.  Over 450 employees have received training on computer basics, how to navigate the Internet, how to use Inside ND, etc.  This is an effort to close the “digital divide” and provide opportunities to employees to obtain and receive information on line.


LaTonia and Kara took questions on all the programs offered through the Learning & Development area, as well as some issues surrounding eNDeavor and the performance management process.


IV.          Additional Business

A question was raised about football tickets?  Since staff are no longer receiving a discount, will the tickets still have the “faculty/staff not for resale” designation?  The ticket office will be asked about this.

A discussion was held regarding the additional “accessible” parking spaces by Stepan Center.  There was speculation that they were due to the Wellness Center.  In addition, a question was raised about LEV and LEAD spots.  This will be checked into with Jeff Korros and/or the Office of Sustainability.

Children in the workplace was again raised as an issue that may need to be addressed in a University policy.  Lori will bring this concern to HR.  Risk Management may also need to be involved. 

Doug March, University Architect, will be the guest at the May SAC meeting.


V.            Adjournment
Motion to adjourn at 2:20 p.m.  from Jan Solkey and a 2nd by Kathy Seymour