March 13, 2014

Staff Advisory Council minutes

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lafortune Student Center


Tami Springer, Amanda Huerta, Jan Solkey, Joe Reimers, Tricia Dalenberg,

Kathy Troth, Robin Karkiewicz, Michael Mueller, Kristi-Lax Walker, Char-Anna Koblick, Daniel Juckett, Kim Miller, Bobbi McMahon, Susan Nugent, Evelyn Mitchell


Patrice Mullen, Heather Denton, Elaine Brown, Shebra Guidry, Jennifer Harwell 


Patti Smith, Jodi Klontz, Marie Revak, John Affleck Graves


Adam Zielinski

HR Liaison:

Sharon Hawkins

l. Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 1:02 pm by Tami Springer. Tami welcomed new members: Joe Reimers, Patrice Mullen, Heather Denton, Kristi Lax-Walker, and Michael Mueller.

SAC thanked outgoing members, Patti Smith, Jodi Klontz, and Marie Revak. February minutes were reviewed - Kim Miller made a motion to approve with a second by   Kathy Troth.          

Annual Report was reviewed- Char-anna Koblick made a motion to approve with a second by Robin Karkiewicz.               

ll. Committee Updates and description of assignment for new members

Benefits Committee

Nothing to report – new rep is Robin Karkiewicz

Parking Appeals

Nothing to report – Currently Amanda Huerta, but Tricia Dalenberg will take over at end of year.                             

Promotions Committee

More information next month about the promotion with the Trios program - Heather Denton, Evelyn Mitchell, Bobbi McMahon, and Jan Solkey

Website Committee

SAC website updated with new roster. 


Nothing to report – Kim Miller, Michael Mueller

Compassion Fund

Nothing to report Kathy Troth


Requests were sent out to seven not represented districts.  Currently only two districts not represented - Religious Houses and Landscape Services.

Interim Parking Committee

New committee – rep is Joe Reimers

III. New business

John Affleck-Graves, Executive VP, was the guest speaker. Dr. Affleck-Graves thanked Patti and Jodi for all their years of service to SAC.     He also spoke about Town Hall meeting and the issue of parking.  He spoke of the Crossroad Project with a projected end date for fall of 2017/2018. Would like to have a member from SAC be on a committee to discuss the issues that may arise from this project.  Dr. Affleck- Graves took questions on a variety of topics from parking, walking campus, ice in parking lots, and nonmeat choices in the satellite cafes during Lent.

There was a discussion about whom to have as speakers for the year. Possibly Sustainability Office(Linda Kurtos) , Parking and Security- Les Neidbalski, Architecture – Doug Marsh, Staff Chaplain – Jim Bracke, Self-defense for women(RAD). Active Shooter on Campus video, Wellness Center.

There was a comment about calling landscape services if you “see” any issues about ice, holes in ground, etc.   Comment about more signage for pedestrian right of way or possibly more speed bumps or lower speed limit. Who should be informing visitors to campus of this? The gate monitors??   Delivery vehicles do not seem to be aware of this? Comment about hole in ground by O’Neil Hall – Evelyn Mitchell will take this information to Safety Committee that she is a rep on.

There were questions about SDH and 3 handicapped van parking spots.  What is the law about how many handicapped spots need to be available?  Question brought up about if this is a walking campus?  Parking is being pushed farther out on campus to make way for new buildings.

April Denise Murphy and Maureen Wildey will come to discuss benefits and tuition. Question brought up:  Why is a 2 year college not a benefit for children of ND employees. Question about when a person retires do they lose the sick time?

Question about cost of self-defense class for women?

Question about protocol for blackouts on campus? Recent black out at end of basketball game.

Discussion about promotional ideas for SAC. Possibly add a link to Inside ND page for SAC.  Speak about SAC at Town Hall Meetings, T-shirts for SAC committee members, digital signage at Lafortune

Discussion about a new SAC Logo? Brainstorm and bring in any ideas you may have at the next meeting.

Question about more shuttle buses – what about late night for building services employees?

Comment about SDH and fire drills during extreme cold weather – outside in cold.

Possibly a call list when SAC meetings are cancelled?      

  lV. Additional Business

 Introduction of new members. 

V. Adjournment

 Motion to adjourn at 2:42 pm. 1st Marie Revak. 2nd Kim Miller.